How do you improve sex of men without condom?

How do you improve sex of men without condom? Hard penile erection is what men want during sex. However, because of the influence of work life and other aspects in life, the penis cannot reach the standard when erecting. Therefore, many men want to take measures to improve, but do not know how to do it. It is correct. In fact, if you want to improve male erectile function and make the penis more rigid, you can take the following methods.

1. Breath training method

How do you improve sex of men without condom? First sit down in a kneeling position, and at the same time remember to adjust your breath; then the abdominal muscles contract and slowly inhale at the same time. When you inhale, you have to slowly tighten the sphincter on the anus and try to find The feeling of inhaling air from the anus. When you feel that the air in your abdomen is full, you should slowly bulge and exhale. At this time, your tight anus will gradually relax as you breathe. After the exhalation is over, you will find that as long as the abdomen is contracted, the degree of contraction of the anus will be closer than expected.

How do you improve sex of men without condom? Repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes to make the transfer function between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves smoother, especially for men over 40. This exercise is very recommended to exercise regularly. It can effectively relax the body and mind, and can effectively make the alternation of nerve command power smoother.

2. Massage

How do you improve sex of men without condom? Baihui: This acupuncture point is located directly above the head, but not directly above the head. The location of this acupuncture point is obviously more concave than the surrounding areas, about the size of a five-cent coin, because it is a suture. The junction of the cranial nerve terminal and hair capillaries is a relatively fragile place, which is easy to be injured.

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