How do you flirt for free?

she is kissing his hands with flirt for free

How do you flirt for free? How to flirt with girls cleverly is very
important for men who are pursuing women. First of all, we must understand that
flirting cannot rely on language alone, it should be a perfect combination of
body language and oral language. Flirting itself is an exceptionally beautiful
process. Therefore, it is a very suitable way to express love to the opposite
sex. It is also an important way for you to capture the love of the opposite

As a boy, what you should pay attention to is, when you
molest girls, what skills should you master for free to molest girls? How do you flirt for free?

1.     Eye contact to flirt for free

Basically, all
masters use their eyes as their weapons. They dare to look at women with direct
and gentle eyes. The message they convey to women is: “I am a confident,
friendly and attractive boy. “However, most boys are afraid to look
directly into girls’ eyes because we are shy! It doesn’t matter, most boys do
this, but you have to change this and look at her the next time you see her,
until she removes her eyes.

2.     2: Create an atmosphere to flirt for free

If you think that flirting
is a woman’s exclusive,
you are very wrong. Although it is a fact that men
and women are often inconsistent in communication, it is still possible to try
to make the conversation process fascinating and enjoyable. Both men and women
will feel guilty for hiding the truth and changing their usual behavior, but
contrived and hypocritical often appear in the conversation between the two

It is very
important to master the “degree” of hypocrisy. You can compliment a
girl in order to make her happy, and you can praise her for her beauty. You
need to compliment in kind, not to attract a certain opposite sex and make
yourself a completely different person. Be frank with each other, you will feel
very comfortable yourself, but also make the other person feel comfortable.

3.     3: Gentle skin contact to
flirt for free

This skin contact
should not only be gentle, but also non-aggressive. Such contact is good for
girls. For example, gently holding the opponent’s shoulders, pulling the
opponent’s hand through the crowded crowd, and gently holding her arm when
encountering a car. This kind of contact allows girls to feel your confidence
and control, and at the same time allows girls to understand that you are good
at taking care of others. Basically, all women will feel safe and warm from a
man like you.

4.     4. Humorous ridicule to flirt for free

In the process of
communicating with girls, you should be relaxed and humorous. The premise
of teasing each other
is that you have to have a certain sense of
familiarity. For example, when you first met, teasing is not feasible. You can
say something like this:

Male: “Your legs are more abstract, I can’t
hold both of my hands”;

Male: “Your eyes are flashing at me, are they
charging me?”

Male: “Why don’t you find a boyfriend yet,
have you been waiting for me?”

While the latter
two examples ridiculed each other, they were also ambiguous with each other.
This is very lethal to women.

5.     Want to get caught to flirt for free

Women love this
trick, so this trick is learned
from women.
Have you ever encountered that when you were chatting with a
woman, you had a good conversation, but suddenly you ignored them? Or, you two
are about to succeed, and as a result she feels that she is not dominant, and
she will say to you: “What is it like to have a man chasing me? You say,
should I be nice to him?” No Wrong, girls use this trick on you, and you
can also use it on her.

6.     Leave in time to flirt for free

When a girl shows
no interest in your topic, don’t force it to continue talking with you. If she
really wants to chat with you, then she will take the initiative to find a
topic, but if not, you will leave in time. Don’t
let her be
disgusted with you, so it will be convenient for you to continue
talking next time.

Seven: flirting

Female: “You
are good or bad”

Man: “I’m
bad, you just like it”

Female: “Why
are you so charming?”

Male: “I only
look at you, which means I like you in my heart”

These are just a
few simple flirting words, and more need to be discovered in your life, and
then you can use them more.

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