How do you deal with when being derailed?

Continuing with former question, when I arrived at the place, I picked my best friend up to my house. Then, she told me their stories in relationship.

To be honset, I was shocked when I heard this. But the relationship belonged to themselves, I had no choice to let her take some acts. In my view, being derailed is shameful , and the one cann’t be forgiven. That night, I let her sleep in my room. And I said noting.

The next day, she decided to punish her boyfriends by her own way. She called to hime for a talking. She drived my car to a distant place where she also didn’t know it. Then she put up with the breaking with him, and she threw their common rings away. She told him to pick it up, and if he did this, she will forgive it. But in fact, when he was going to pick rings up, she left only leaving him here. After that, she had no idea how he came back home. From that, she had no contact with him.

After that day, when she told me this news, I felt happy. Because the derailing one should be punished in some way.

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