How do you compliment each other appropriately for matching energy in relationships?

he hugs her for matching energy in relationships

Now that we all know the benefits of praise, how can we just
“praise” to make the other party feel your sincerity and love, and
invisibly encourage him to become that gentle and considerate warm man? So in
the relationship, how do you compliment each other appropriately? How do you
compliment each other appropriately for matching energy in relationships?

1. The praise must be sincere for matching energy in relationships

It’s also very simple to put it in
reality. Everyone has
their own merits.
So, by identifying his merits and taking the time to
compliment, he can show the charm of praise. For example: Although he doesn’t
earn much, he is very professional. Strong and working hard. At this time,
don’t raise salary, material things and other things that make him feel
inferior. Say a few more words: “My dear, you have really worked hard for
our happiness. You are the best when you work hard. Believe that our life will
get better and better!” This is an intangible spiritual encouragement. It
not only praises the actions the other party has done for you, but also
inspires the other party to realize their potential, and will treat you more
carefully in the future.

2. Expressing blame euphemistically for matching energy in relationships

one in a relationship is perfect.
If two people want to become a circle,
they need constant running-in, tolerance and change. For example: your lover
sucks and doesn’t like bathing. If you yell at him, “You are really a lazy
pig, it’s so dirty.” Anyone who hears this is very angry, maybe it will
irritate him even more. Tell him another way: “My dear, you have always
been a gentleman in my heart. You must be more handsome than those celebrities
after you pack it up?” Express your request in a tactful way, and use
compliments to make the other person feel embarrassed. Therefore, the highest
level of emotional intelligence is to see through but not to say through, and
to turn the uttered advice into a good word of love for him, he will definitely
not be able to refuse.

3. Always talk about love for matching energy in relationships

Women who always say “I love
you” must have a soft heart. You must know that “love you” is
the greatest affirmation and compliment to a person. I love you because you are
good, and you deserve to be loved so that you can be loved. When giving advice
to her boyfriend, he said: “My dear, you are late for an appointment
today. It must be because you are too busy at work. Just tell me in advance
next time. Who makes me love you so much”

4. Intimate physical contact for matching energy in relationships

Many people say that if two people
have been together for a long time, it is difficult to easily speak a nice love
story, and that it is a little hypocritical. For example, physical movements
such as hugs, kisses, and holding hands. Whether it is a parting hug before going
out in the morning or a goodnight kiss before going to bed, it is a signal to
the other party that “I cherish you, love you, and affirm you”. An
intangible compliment.

5. The worship of eyes for matching
energy in relationships

There is a popular saying that women
will show “star eyes” when they look at men they like, admire, and
admire. The star eyes are looking at the light in the eyes of the other person
and give them affirmation and appreciation with their eyes. The power of this
kind of eye worship is great, and men will think that at that moment, I am the
hero of the beloved.

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