How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book?

she doesn't know the sex knowledge book

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Among the factors that affect the harmonious
sex of husband and wife, the endurance of male sexual function occupies a large
part. Studies have found that the average time for men to have sex is 5 to 10
minutes, and 71% of them hope to extend the time and get more lasting sex. So,
how can we extend the sex time?

1. Distraction

How do men delay sex in sex
book? The key to the
problem is actually to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. The glans is the
first sexually sensitive area for men. The final ejaculation occurs after the
glans is strongly stimulated. If the sensitivity of the glans can be reduced,
ejaculation will be delayed. When having sex, the mind will focus on the glans.
Men even feel that their entire body enters into women. At this time, if you
think about other things, you will temporarily relieve the urge to ejaculate.

2. Adjust the
twitch speed

How do men delay
in sex knowledge book? When there is a
sense of urgency for ejaculation, the man can slow down the twitching speed,
reduce the amplitude of the action, or pause the twitching or withdraw the
penis, and then resume the twitching after the urgency subsides. Repeating this
action can significantly prolong the time of sexual intercourse. .

3. Enhance
physical fitness

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Generally, people with better physique take
longer to have sex. So basically it is necessary to exercise and pay attention
to nutrition. Some people say that eating something like three whip is very
useful, maybe a bit. But the actual psychological
is greater than the physiological effect, and the improvement of
comprehensive physical fitness is the

4. Press the

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? When you find that your body reacts too quickly
during sexual intercourse, and appears “overheated”, try to press
under the penis to put some pressure on the urethra. This small tube is on the
back of the penis. Doing so can reduce the blood in the penis, thereby
suppressing the desire for quick ejaculation.

5. Self-training

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Specific method: When masturbating, let
yourself hold on for 15 minutes. The purpose of this masturbation is not simply
to get pleasure from oneself, but at the same time to imagine how
to make the other
 get orgasm.

6. Strong
“sexual” sports

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Strengthen the exercise of the muscles that
control ejaculation. When interrupting the flow of urine or holding the urine,
you can feel the location of these muscles, and then use “Kegel
exercise” to exercise these parts, that is, the exercise of contracting
the buttocks and pelvic floor muscles. Relax again and repeat a few times.

“Taste” movement

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Do not insert the penis in a hurry, first
hover around the partner’s vaginal opening, where the nerve endings are the
most sensitive. When having sexual intercourse, do not insert too deep, about 2-3 cm inside the
vagina, and then start a small range of activities. Can’t stop it, let the
penis not be prematurely sluggish in the hot vagina.

8. Politeness

How do men delay sex in sex knowledge book? Don’t just focus on your own orgasm during
sex. Through massage, caressing and stimulating the clitoris, let the other
party feel a one-time orgasm first, which will obviously relieve your
psychological pressure, and then you can satisfy your desires more freely.

9. Don’t ignore
the second time

The instinctive reaction after orgasm is to sleep,
suppress this desire, pay attention to the excitement of the other party, and
then brew to enter again. Most men can last longer during the second sexual
intercourse, and more practice will make the first intercourse longer in the

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