How did you meet your significant other?

From online chatting to reality meeting, from online partner to present lover

I meet my boyfriend on the party, when I was in the university. Seriously speaking, we begin to be lover after the online chatting.

At that time, I could not get through the former happy time with my classmate in the senior high school. My state was terrible, so my roommate cared much more about me. Due to an occasion, my roommate held a birthday party where many her best friends came to celebrate her birthday.

On the party, one of her friend, my boyfriend now, had a pretty communication with me. Through the communication, we found that we had same hobbies and interests in life, such as reading, singing songs, playing basketballs and travelling. As we had same interests, we went on a happy party.

After the party, he didn’t directly ask my contact and address, but he chose to ask my roommate for my wechat number. Actually, the time when I knew this thing was in the playground where we started a basketball playing. When we added our contact wechat, we didn’t decide to begin the lover relationship. But after experiencing several-month online chatting, we had a free time to play basketball with each other. That was the time when we decided to be lover.

Now, both of us graduate from the university. We work in the same province in China. Last week, when we talked about our pictures taken in the past, both of us agreed that we are so lucky to be each other’s lover.

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