How can you tell if someone really loves you or just settling with you?

Maybe different people have different ideas about love. Sometimes, love relates with sex. But sex do not be equal to love. As a woman, I have no idea to understand men. But I have some tips for girls.

Paying attention to it, sex doesn’t mean the love. The man who asks you to go to private occasions for any reason, even wants to make sex with you at the first time. He doesn’t love you, remerber it. He just wants to make sex with you! Maybe many men doesn’t agree with point, but I still would like to say it loudly.

Gilrs, don’t have any illusions! Your love for him cannot be touched, he just wants to sleep with with you. If you really want to know his true, you should communicate with him for a time. Whatever methods you use, you should only know him in all aspect when meeting with each other, such as throught chatting in some apps, or doing some interesting things.

When you are falling in love with each other, you can decide whther to make sex with him. Meanwhile, it is shameless to cheat in the name of emotion! In the end, sex doesn’t mean shame. What you should do only depends on yourself.

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