How can you identify intelligent people?

Here, I would like to talk about the intelligent people not the artificial intelligent people.

Actually everyone is intelligent, but the standards of people towards the intelligence are different.

As an intelligent person, he must specifies the following characters.

1. They can efficiently use their free time to do some meaningful things. That means, they have a serious faith on time and know what their key points are.

2. They can balance their family and career in a good way. An intelligent people won’t have some troubles in some conflicts between his career and family.

3. They know how to comfort their lover and make them happy. That means, they have abilities to avoid conflicts with their lovers.

3. When chatting with others, they can first listen carefully to others’ opinion and do a great listener. Then, they will express their opinions about the same question.

4. They are very humorous to lead the atmosphere. That means, they are sometimes leaders and helper to make organizations smooth and comfortable.

5.They are good at finding other’s sadness and comfort them in a gentle way. Meanwhile, they won’t hurt them directly after knowing their pain.

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