How can I take care of my breasts?

she knows how to take care of her breasts

can I take care of my breasts? Breasts are the second sexual beauty of
women and one of the manifestations of mature charm. Many women pursue breast
maintenance and carelessly massage or wear tight underwear, which not only
fails to achieve the health care effect, but also induces breast hyperplasia or
breast cancer. How do women take care of their breasts?

1. Choose the
right size underwear

can I take care
of my breasts
? Wearing tight underwear will compress the
local blood circulation and make the breasts expand more outward; too loose
underwear can not rely on the breasts, which will easily lead to sagging
breasts. Therefore, the appropriate underwear should be selected according to
the breast size, to ensure that the shoulder strap does not fall after wearing,
there is no indentation on the skin, and the cup is not empty.

2. Wear underwear
during breastfeeding

can I take care of my breasts? During breast-feeding, you should not be
comfortable without wearing underwear. It is necessary to choose special
breast-feeding underwear, which can support and support the breasts, prevent
the breasts from sagging, and also protect the nipples from scratches. In
addition, breast feeding should be performed alternately on both sides of the
breast to prevent asymmetry of the breasts on both sides.

3. Wear sports
underwear when exercising

can I take care of my breasts? When women
their breasts will vibrate up and down, which can increase
physical discomfort. Ordinary underwear cannot protect the breasts during
exercise, so you should choose special sports underwear to prevent breast
damage during exercise.

4. Self-touch and

can I take care of my breasts? Women can touch their breasts more often
when taking a bath, so that problems can be discovered and resolved in time.
After taking a shower, stand by the mirror and observe the appearance of the
breasts to see if there are orange peel changes and whether the breasts on both
sides are the same size; touch the breasts to see if there are any hard lumps;
squeeze the nipple to see if there is any There is no spillage or bleeding.

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