How can I improve my sex?

she asks him how can I improve my sex?

How can I improve my sex? Can sex
improve health
? Sex between men and women is a joyous
thing. Then, if men and women want to improve the quality of sex
by attractive women body, they
must learn to maintain. But how should men and women take care of it?

1. Men rely on food and women rely on sleep

Men rely on food

How can I improve my sex? Can sex improve health? For men,
eating is mainly for nourishing the essence of the kidney, because the kidney
governs the collection of yang qi, and the yang qi of the human body comes from
the kidney, which is the driving force of life activities. Therefore, you can
eat more foods that nourish the kidney and produce sperm, such as wolfberry,
yam, chestnut, black sesame, lotus seeds, etc.

 Women rely on sleep

Can sex improve health? In
terms of sleep, it is best for men and women to maintain a sleep time of about
8 hours a day. Sleep is very important for both men and women, but women’s
sleep quality is relatively worse due to personality and psychological reasons.

Therefore, women
need more
sleep. Good sleep can keep women focused and happy, as well as
nourish their skin. In addition, you can drink some milk before going to bed,
eat some oatmeal and other sleep aids; do not exercise vigorously 2 hours
before going to bed, and do not play with mobile phones after 9 pm; do not
sleep continuously for less than 6 hours at night; rest for half an hour to one
at noon during the day hour.

2. Men should be “coldly raised” and women should
be “warmly raised”

Men “cold” raise

Can sex improve health? How can I improve my sex? When
men go to sauna or hot bath, the temperature should be 37°C~41°C, 15~20 minutes
each time. You should also try to “get rid of” long-term cycling or
driving, wearing tight and thick jeans, and sitting on a loose sofa for a long
time, which will affect your reproductive function.

 Women are
“hot” raising

example, using hot water to soak your feet before going to bed can relieve back
pain and promote sleep. Use warm water when doing housework to prevent
arthritis and gynecological diseases. Pay attention to adding clothing at any
time to protect the abdomen, and eat less cold, raw and cold food, so as not to
be troubled by irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

3. Zinc supplementation for men and calcium supplementation
for women

Can sex improve health? How can I improve
my sex
The nutritional needs of men and women
are different. Studies have found that women are most likely to lack calcium
and iron, while men are prone to zinc deficiency.

Male zinc supplement

men, zinc is very important and affects the secretion of male hormones. In
normal excretion, men lose more zinc than women every day. Eating a small
handful of pine nuts every day can replenish zinc, which is good for brain and
cardiovascular health; eat more zinc-rich foods such as seaweed, pork liver,
sesame, and seafood. Increase
the amount of daily
activities, the serum zinc concentration will gradually

 Female calcium

How can I improve my sex? Can sex
improve health
? When women are menstruating, iron loss
will accelerate; after menopause, due to hormone changes, bone loss will also
increase, so women need more iron and calcium. Drink 250 grams of pure milk a
day, which is an ideal way to supplement calcium; on a sunny day, before 11
o’clock or after 15 o’clock, in the sun for 15-20 minutes; you can also eat
more chicken breast, salmon, animal liver, dark chocolate, etc. Iron food.

4.Men protect the stomach, women nourish the brain

Men protect the stomach

How can I improve my sex? Can sex
improve health
? Say goodbye to high-salt and high-oil
diets; properly eat pasta, millet porridge, bananas and other
stomach-nourishing foods; seize the two “prime time” lying on your
back from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning and 20:00 to 21:00 before going to bed
Rub your belly.

Women raise the brain

some citrus fruits, which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can
improve memory and prevent brain cell damage. Interests and a good attitude are
the “necessities” for nurturing brains. Middle-aged and elderly women
should pay more attention to cultivating hobbies, communicate with others, and
integrate into society.

5. Men practice strength, women practice flexibility

Male training strength

How can I improve my sex? Can sex
improve health
? Middle-aged men can separately exercise
the muscles of the shoulders, upper arms, waist and abdomen, and lower limbs,
and focus
on “breaking” t
he waist and abdomen. Elderly men can exercise
their upper limbs by lifting dumbbells, squatting and practicing lower limbs.

Female practice flexibility

some people are born with poor flexibility, practice is also effective the day
after tomorrow, and it is not too late to be over 40. The simplest action is to
sit cross-legged, which can exercise the strength of the legs and waist. Press
the leg frequently, but step by step. At first, the leg can only be raised on
the bench, and gradually raised on the chair and table. Doing yoga can not only
practice flexibility, but also meditation and health.

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