Heartbroken short stories for you in life

We are in it, just like the years;
we are insincere like the years. Life is long. In our lives, many stories often start with
happiness and end with sadness. If you were asked to briefly describe a story
in six words, how would you state it?

I once saw on a website that the UK
organized a six-word micro-speaking contest. When I read these short stories,
my heart is broken. In the following, I would like to share with you these
short six-word stories.

1. I met my soul-mate. She didn’t.

2. Jumped. Then
I changed my mind.

3. Introduced
myself to mother again today.

4. Birth
certificate. Death certificate. One pen.

5. Finally spoke
to her. Left flowers.(In
the tomb)

6. Strangers.
Friends. Best friends. Lovers.

7. Siri, delete
Mom from my contacts.
8. He bottle-feeds his wife’s killer.

9. I killed my
dad’s only child.

10. Mom taught me how to shave.

11. “I’m faking Alzheimer’s.”
said Granddad. Again.

12. We’ll be
better parents next time.

13. Dad’s bottle
of whiskey got dusty.

14. I finally
deleted dad’s last voicemail.

15. “It’s our
fiftieth. Table for one.”

16. Paramedics
finished her text, “…love you”.

17. My father
finally quit smoking forever.

18. Dad left; a flag came back.

19. Reburied our
son, still no answers.

20. Finally
spoke to her. Left flowers.

21. The
mortician sighed. Another old friend.

22. Our dinner date ended with breakfast.

23. Shaved my
head to match hers.

24. “Love you,”
he whispered, drinking alone.

25. I still get
drunk over you.

26. Mushroom
clouds illuminated their first kiss.

27. Mushroom
clouds illuminated their last kiss.

28. I look for
you in everyone.

29. I should have kissed you back.

30. My pillows still
smell of you.

Seeing these stories, I wonder how you
feel? If you have something you want to share, welcome to send your article to my website.

Although these stories are short, they
are the state of most people. We are gradually getting used to being single,
and our daily life is work and study, and occasionally hang out with friends.
We don’t love fish farming, and we have no intention of falling in love. There are still those friends
around, occasionally admiring couples, but most of the time I am lucky to be
sober and free.

But, after all, who doesn’t envy a sweet
love? When I wake up in the morning, the good morning my little lover sends
myself is like a good mood indicator that lights up every second, or the ring
call reminding sound when I turn on my phone after a busy day. I read them one
by one and they are full of likes and cares. After patiently reply, he will say
I miss you. Such a small daily routine, even if it is not crooked and crooked,
but is still enough to make people move. If you want to talk about feelings, it’s probably a
long time to hesitate before suffocating one sentence, I really like him.

If you have this kind of inexplicable
throbbing in your heart, then you should bravely take that step to find
the partner
you want in your heart.
In this way, you can do many things with him in the future.

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