Harms of dating a sex addict and solutions of overcoming it

they are huging for dating sex addict

Can a sex addict be faithful? Although the quality of sex cannot be judged entirely by time, short time
will affect the harmony of sex. However, many people will gradually develop sex
addict in order to satisfy their sexual desires.
My boyfriend is a sex addict, but how can I do it? In fact, sex addict is a serious problem. Both men and women should pay
attention to overcoming sex addict. So, what are the hazards of sex addict? If
you have sex addict,
should you overcome it
Can a
sex addict be faithful?

There are various reasons for a person to suffer from sex addict when dating a sex addict. It may be
physiologically because the person became obsessed with the release of hormones
and other brain chemicals. It may also be emotional, which will make them
transfer from their sexual partners to other sexual partners, forcing them to
try desperately and frantically, thereby being cared and valued. Sex addict may
also stem from childhood abuse or due to chronic stress, depression or anxiety.
In the life of both sexes, men and women are also different when
dating a sex addict. Both sexes express
their love through
and physical contac
t, but the manifestations of this affection are
different. Women tend to use compliments and kisses, while men are more likely
to initiate sexual acts and spend more time with their partners.
Can a sex addict be faithful?

The harm of sex addict!

The first level: refers to those behaviors that can be tolerated by the society, such as
masturbation, etc., which do not infringe on others;

The second level: involves some sexual activities that violate others, such as exposing the
genitals in front of the opposite sex, or peeking at the private parts of the
opposite sex;

The third level: Refers to rape, incest, and sexual assault of children, which are crimes.

Some sex addicts may find that they
cannot stop thinking about sex
and neglect their work to engage in sexual
fantasies or sexual activities. There are also people who are addicted to
sexually dangerous behaviors, have sex with multiple partners, or go deep into
the red light zone regardless of whether the other party has a partner when
dating a sex addict. Some people may feel
that they have a so-called love addiction and try to fill the void in their
bodies with sex.

In many cases, people with sex addict will hardly enjoy those pleasures or
affection. When sex addicts realize that they are addicted, they want to quit
but can’t quit, or eventually take this behavior as normal again when
dating a sex addict. Just like a foreign
neuroscientist who has gathered research in psychology, psychiatry, physiology
and other disciplines, he believes that sex addict will change the brain’s
cranial nerve structure and make the brain
addicted to sex
and emotion, resulting in a series of symptoms and
behaviors. , But there are also sex addicts caused by personality. Suffering
from sex addict, if they do not get physical and psychological satisfaction,
they will have anxiety and pain when
a sex addict.
. They are like drug users. Once the
sex addict occurs, they will desperately put down all their work and find a
target to vent.

How to overcome sex addict? Can a sex addict be faithful?

The treatment of sex addict follows many of the same methods used to
overcome addiction to gambling, smoking, shopping and other addictions.

This includes: a combination of medical treatment, personal treatment and
partner treatment to help sex addict patients better understand and combat
their sex addict diseases. The goal is to rebuild
a healthy sex based on their mutual intimacy, pleasure and emotion, rather
than compulsive sex addicts. In addition, some drugs can also help control a
person’s sexual behavior when
dating a
sex addict.
These include anti-anxiety drugs,
tricyclic antidepressants, progestational drugs and serotonin promoters.
However, medicine has found that taking these drugs alone cannot be the
ultimate treatment for sexual addiction, just like cleaning the homes of people
who love hoarding things, it will not prevent them from creating chaos again.

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