What are the most terrifying photos of food?

Some wines with animal!!!

1.Anty Gin

Each bottle of ant gin contains the essence of 62 species of forest ants and is refined by people.

2. Snake Wine

Snakes are usually venomous cobras. Usually, snakes are stuffed alive in a bottle, put in the bottle together with grain brewed wine, and then soaked and marinated. But i suppose that it’s dangerous for us.

3. The World’s Most Expensive Beer

Each bottle is stored in a squirrel or raccoon specimen, and these are real animal carcasses! The brewer said that these animals were killed on the road, and the price of the wine depends on the size of the animal into the bottle.

I believe that these animals should live a life by their own mind, even if being dead, they should have an enternal rest!!! Not to be a sample of wine!!!

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