Does my husband miss me during separation? 4 men make it out

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my husband miss me during separation? In our married life, affection and
intimate life are inseparable. There is a practical problem when the two places
are separated. The physiological problem cannot be solved well, because this
requires physical contact. Everyone has desires, and everyone needs to vent.
Realistic problems in the separation of the two places are a headache. Without
enough love, there is not enough confidence.

my husband miss me during separation? As the main force of the family, men are
away almost all year round. The pressure at work is greater and they need
physical venting to relieve the pressure. So will they miss their wives? So how
do they solve their physiological needs? The answers of these four men are

1. Swordsman, 25
years old, married

my husband miss me during separation? The salary for the same job in my hometown
was too low. I chose to work in another place because I had children and it was
not convenient to run around with us. I chose to let my wife stay at home to
take care of the children. My wife and I have a very good relationship. We talk
every day and see each other once a month. There
are more misses between us
, and I also work hard for my wife and children.
I hope to save enough money to do something in my hometown. I don’t want to
separate the two places anymore. I am afraid that it will have an impact on the
marriage as time goes on.

2. Faraway place,
27 years old, married

The wife was introduced to him by others, and the
feelings are okay. Now I have two children. My wife is at home with my parents
to take care of the children. I work outside, and most of my monthly salary is
sent home to my wife. Does my husband miss me during separation? Outside, people
tend to feel empty and lonely. At this time, they feel very homesick and want
to solve their physical problems. In the first few years of working abroad, I
can still control it, but not in the last two years. Apart from going
home and my wife,
I still find other women and give money outside. I am
unwilling in my heart, but I can’t stand the instigation and temptation. I
don’t know what will happen if I continue.

3. Halfway, 33
years old, married

Living in two places is a test of patience. No matter how
good the relationship between two people is, it is difficult to guarantee that
there will be no problems. Love needs company. Does my husband miss me during
separation? We are all mortals and cannot stand too many tests. My
brother, who is away all year round, works outdoors, so he can do nothing after
get off work, and his income is relatively high.

Originally, my sister-in-law was with him, but because
they couldn’t stand the harsh conditions, they chose to go home. Originally,
their feelings were pretty good and they
were in free love together.
Does my husband miss me during separation? He has been
married for eight or nine years, especially after a long time without being
together. The relationship has returned to peace. He also learned from others
to find a lover, who is near work. He went to tease others when nothing
happened, and went together after teasing. My wife said: Fortunately, we are
together. Although I understand the mental and physical depression of not being
together for a long time, I don’t want others to share my husband with me.

4. Dark night, 34
years old, married

This is not a guarantee. It may be a matter of a moment.
My wife and I are separated from each other. My wife’s relatives work together.
I work locally. My relationship is normal. When we are together, I often
quarrel. Does
my husband miss me during separation?
No more, but the
long-term tossing was unbearable, so she chose to go out to work, and I stayed
at home. See you every two or three months, but the relationship is better than
before. But these two or three months are neither long nor long, but not short.
Very often, I want to look outside, but I am afraid of getting sick, so most of
the time I resolve it by myself. In fact, I am also grateful for my fear,
otherwise I might have gone to other women early.

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