Does my husband miss me during separation? 3 answers for you

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Some people say
that among so many interpersonal relationships, only family affection is
permanent. It is also said that only the relationship between husband and wife
is the most intimate. After all, life is long. Even parents can only accompany
you for one journey. Only the other half can accompany
you to the end
. So whether it is emotionally or in life, for every man, the
wife is the closest.
Does my husband miss me during separation?
3 answers for you

And as an
indispensable part of a man’s life, when one day he cannot be with his side at
all times like in the past, he will naturally miss it. But
everyone’s actual life
is different. Not all husband and wife relationships
are intimate, otherwise divorce won’t happen. So for couples who have been
separated for a long time, do men always miss their wives? The three husbands
told the truth!

Does my husband
miss me during separation?

1. Mr. Li, what I miss her most when I sleep

Does my husband
miss me during separation?
In the first three months of coming to
another city, because of the unaccustomed water and soil, coupled with the
unfamiliar life, I really missed my wife all the time. Especially when going to
bed every night, because when in the hometown, Mr. Li and his wife have a habit
of chatting every night when they go to bed. After arriving in the field, Mr.
Li was the only one lying on the bed, and no one was chatting beside the
pillow. But
later I got used to the life
here, and I made a few friends who were also
working from other places. When a few people were fine, they would gather for a
drink together, and miss my wife no longer like before.

Although most of
the time, Mr. Li no longer misses his wife so much, but habit is really a
tenacious and huge ideal, it can even dominate life, so every night when he goes
to bed, Mr. Li can’t help but miss her.

2. Mr. Zhang, I don’t miss my wife

Does my husband
miss me during separation?
Mr. Zhang went to work outside the city
because he always quarreled with his wife. He
and his wife did not have
any relationship basis. At the age of marriage,
he met on a blind date arranged by his family and got married in less than
three months. Life after marriage has been pretty good, and within a year
later, his wife became pregnant and gave birth to a child. Since the birth of a
child, his wife’s temperament has changed drastically. She often quarrels with
Mr. Zhang, often picks out his stings, and scorns him. Even trivial matters can
have a big fight. Later, Mr. Zhang learned about postpartum depression and
worried that his wife had the disease, so he kept letting her. If she wants to
scold her, she will scold her. If she wants to beat her, she will beat her.
After the scolding is over, Mr. Zhang will go to coax

Does my husband
miss me during separation?
In this way, the two people spent a few
more years in the quarrel, the children are in elementary school, but the wife
is still like this. Now I go to work during the day and go home after work to
wash clothes and cook. Sometimes I go out for a drink with my friends, and no
one quarrels with him anymore. This life Mr. Zhang feels very comfortable. If
Mr. Zhang is asked to remember his wife, he will basically point to his nose
and curse, so he doesn’t want his wife at all.

3. Mr. Li, I am too busy to miss my wife

my husband miss me
during separation?
Mr. Li was a
designer, so he went to big cities in order to earn more money. Later, the
child went to elementary school. In order to earn more, he returned to others
to draw part-time jobs at night. Every morning Mr. Li will get up at 6 o’clock
in the morning, go to catch the subway at 6:30, then make a few more trains,
and arrive at the company at 8:30.

I get off work at
5 pm, and I can get home almost 7 o’clock in the afternoon. I have a simple
meal. I start my part-time job at about 7:30 and end at about 11 o’clock in the
evening. Working for more than 12 hours a day, Mr. Li is like a top, spinning
constantly, making him busy and tired. Do you want a wife? I think too, but
I have no time to
think now.

Does my husband
miss me during separation?
In fact, for most men, when they are away
from home, they miss their wives and children the most. After all, this is the
only motivation that supports everyone’s hard work. If it is not for the
betterment of the family’s life, who is willing to leave the country?

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