Do you know the best sex advice?

he is kissing her with best sex advice

Do you know the best sex advice? Almost all men hope that women can take the
initiative in sex sometimes, but our education tells us that women should be
reserved, but there are times when reservedness can’t be controlled, so
“Why do women embarrass women”?

1. Pleasing
yourself is as important as pleasing the other person

Do you know the best sex advice? Sometimes, women
try their best to meet the needs of the other party because they are afraid
that the other party cannot be satisfied. But sex is actually the giving and
receiving of both parties. If you blindly satisfy each other, women will
eventually hate “that stuff.” Women should explain their needs to
each other straightforwardly, without guilt or embarrassment, because in fact,
men like women who can enjoy sex. When a man finds that his actions can bring
happiness to women, it excites him more than any aphrodisiac.

2. Don’t pretend
to orgasm

Do you know the best sex advice? In order to please men, some women can
pretend to have an orgasm very realistically, making it impossible for men to
distinguish. But when they did this, they didn’t think of the long-term
consequences: if they didn’t feel happy but pretended to have an orgasm, it
would undoubtedly make the man repeat his wrong actions next time, because he
mistakenly thought that way would make women happy.

3. Don’t ignore
the rest of the man’s body

Stroking and
teasing can make men excited. Some women are shy and dare not act, but there is
absolutely no man who dislikes women doing this, so just do it boldly, and you will immediately
get visible results. Stroking and teasing are very simple, as long as you keep
sliding your fingers across his body, especially the inner thighs and nipples;
sometimes touching his lower part as teasing. In addition, women can also use
hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the provocative effect.

4. Don’t be afraid
of sexual fantasies

Do you know the best sex advice? A woman admitted: Every time she had sex with
her husband, she imagined that she was having sex with Leonardo. This kind of
imagination made her extremely excited, and her husband was also happy because
of her wild actions. She thought it didn’t matter, she couldn’t really have an
affair with Matt Damon anyway.

5. Learn to masturbate

Since the first
ejaculation of men usually comes from masturbation, the proportion of women
doing this is definitely not low. In fact, masturbation is a very effective way
of learning, because after you understand your body, you can guide the other
party to use the most appropriate way when you have sex with your partner.
There is another advantage
of masturbation
: it will definitely reach orgasm.

6. Make good use
of auxiliary equipment

Do you know the best sex advice? Whether it is sex goods or pornographic video
tapes, it is a good tool to add sexual pleasure, because they can provide many
new ideas and increase excitement. For some people, sex products can even solve
the problem of sexual incoordination. There was a woman who had difficulty in
achieving orgasm. After her partner withdrew, she had to achieve orgasm by
herself with her hands, which embarrassed her partner. Later, she bought a
cushion that was covered with particles on the surface and had a hole in the
middle for the penis to penetrate, and placed it on her vagina. In this way,
every time her partner inserts, the cushion will rub against her vagina,
bringing her from Unexpected pleasure. You can buy such things by mail order on
TV or online to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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