Do you know the benefit of what makes a man commit?

they are kissing on the road for what makes a man commit

In the world of love,
boys really like promises more than girls. This is caused by the different
value systems of boys and girls. In most relationships, girls will want to see
boys’ input, such as actions, language, or material, which is like depositing
money in a love bank account. Do you know the benefit of what makes a man commit? There are three benefits
of this:

Girls will feel more secure and recognize this
relationship more;

It can improve the ability of feelings to resist
risks. We treat quarrels as expenditures. As long as we save more money than we
spend, the
will remain stable;

Girls themselves will invest more, because they recognize
this relationship more.

Do you know the benefit of what makes a man
commit? When a boy has limited abilities, but he hopes to pursue
a girl with higher value and make his mind, he will make the girl more
satisfied by means of advancement in the future, which is a promise.

For example, a boy said that he would pay the girl a bag next month. When I said this, I had already
advanced my salary for the next month.

But this can satisfy a part of the sense of value of men,
and it will also make girls feel that boys treat themselves well, because
people instinctively expect a good thing to happen, and this will also bring
the benefits of easy access to girls Good impression, just move your lips.

Do you know what makes a man commit? From the above
perspective, promises will still bring
many benefits
, but the risks are also great. The promise in love is like a
love credit card. We spend in advance. If we can pay back on time, it’s okay.
This is called fulfilling the promise, but if it doesn’t happen, then we will
pay a high price, because the credibility depends on our feelings. China is
very important, and one deception cannot be erased by doing ten good things.

Do you know what makes a man commit? So whether it is a boy
or a girl, promises are not a problem, just like using a credit card, there is
no problem in itself, but if we do not honor the promise, just like our credit
card does not repay on time, then our reputation will be increased. Problem. To
others that we have problems with our character, no matter how good we do, it
is useless.

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