Do you know signs he only wants sex with you in relationship?

love or sex

How to tell if
a man loves you or wants to have sex with you
. In fact, you only need to
understand the signs that he wants to have sex with you and you can simply
avoid the minefield.

There is still a fundamental difference between sexual desire and love. Sexual desire is impulsive,
short-lived, and sporadic. That is to say, a boy has sexual desire for you and
also has sexual desire for others, and may have sexual desire for you in a
short time. After changing individuals over a period of time, they will choose
the one that is the easiest to get and the least costly. Therefore, when a boy
approaches you in the name of loving you, you only need to judge from the
following viewpoints:

1. When having sex, he always skips foreplay

Sex is a good
way to increase the intimacy of both parties. But if he is having sex, he always skips foreplay. Then on the surface, he doesn’t mean
to please you at all, because he just wants to make himself cool. At first you
may think that he is eager; but if this happens twice and again, you need to be

2. He rarely cares about your business

If a man loves
you deeply, he will want to understand you in all aspects, such as your health,
work and rest, hobbies, work, etc. On the contrary, if he first chats with you
and mentions sex topics, he is particularly excited. That means he only wants

3. The dating place is always at home, and the date
is always in bed

In addition to
being too lazy to manage relationships, he also doesn’t bother to think about
where to go on a date, just thinking about having sex with you… What’s even
more frightening is that the other party may not be able to figure out whether
he treats you as a girlfriend or a friend or even a friend. , Does he like you
or do he like to have sex with you?

4. Only praise your appearance

look very sexy i
n this way today” “Is your clothes newly
bought?”… He will praise you, but only for your appearance, maybe he
doesn’t really want to know you so much!

5. The content of the chat is always inseparable
from sex

One last obvious sign: sex
is always inseparable
from conversation topics. Asking for sex at two ends
for three days; maybe this is normal for couples in love, but for a long time
it shows that he may just want to have physical contact with you.

Perhaps these suggestions, some men will
hold the opposite view. If you have different opinions, you are welcome to send
me a private message. However, strictly speaking, in real life, there are still
many good and responsible men. They treat their feelings exclusively and treat
their marriage loyally. At the same time, there are many beautiful and virtuous
women. If you are single and long for a free love and marriage, then it is
recommended that you be brave to pair with each other and understand each other.

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