Do you know sex education knowledge?

they are staring for sex education knowledge

you know sex education knowledge? People are
accustomed to using various numbers to evaluate their lives. Recently,
according to the American “Men’s Health” magazine, there is also a
set of “digital indicators” for a man’s lifelong sexual health.

There are 1-2
teaspoons (5 ml) of semen each time, which is almost a mouthful of sputum. Each
teaspoon of semen has 7 calories, and a 250ml can of Coke has 150 calories. The
American urologist Dr. Hetrona provided a simple self-measurement method: measure
out 5 ml of water, pour it into a clean condom, remember the location of the
water, so that you can estimate your ejaculation volume. If it reaches 5ml,
your prostate is very healthy.

  Do you know sex
knowledge? Men have an
average of 7,200 erections in their lifetime. Among them, masturbation can get
an average of 2,000 erections. The average speed of male sexual arousal is 45
kilometers per hour, which is faster than the speed of 40.2 kilometers per hour
when riding a bicycle. Generally, men have an average of 11 erections a day,
and night erections account for 9 times. Moreover, the interval between two
erections ranges from 2 minutes to 2 weeks. This is affected by many factors
such as male age and physical strength.

Do you know sex education
knowledge? When is not erect, the average length of the male penis is 8.9 cm, and
the average length after erection is 13 cm. When taking a bath, almost all men’s penis shrinks. According to literature, the
shortest penis in human history is only 1.6 cm, and the longest is 28 cm.
However, a penis that is too long or too short is a developmental abnormality
and should be treated promptly.

Do you know sex education knowledge? A survey shows that 60% of American men admit
to masturbating frequently, and 54% of them once a day. At the same time, 41%
of men felt guilty afterwards. Sexologists point out that masturbation is a normal sexual experience for men, and people
should not blame themselves for this. It takes an average of 2.5 seconds for
the sperm to swim to the egg, which is much faster than the average person who
takes 4 hours to run a marathon. In addition, the life span of sperm is
“very long”, reaching 2.5 months.

Do you know sex education knowledge? The time and
season when men’s sexual desire is strongest are in the
morning and autumn. A number of studies have found that the best way to improve
male sexual performance is to quit smoking, exercise and lose weight. And
eating more whole-grain foods can effectively enhance sexual performance.
People’s criticism of condoms really makes sense. The thickness of an ordinary
condom is 0.07 mm, which is 0.02 mm thicker than an ultra-thin condom. Many men
said that if condoms can be made into plastic wrap (thickness of 0.0127 mm),
the sex experience will definitely be better.

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