Date or not ?

In today’s society, under the same
conditions (shape, economy, emotional intelligence, etc.), why are girls
reluctant to date a divorced man with children? In fact, this issue may have
different opinions for different national cultures. However, I will analyze
this reason purely from realistic conditions.

The reality is that excluding the two
deductions for divorce and having children, it is difficult for w
to find unmarried men
with the same
conditions. Either these unmarried men are not rich enough, or they do not know
how to consider women at all, or they cannot give marriage promises. Therefore,
if this divorced man with children is the best choice for women, then many
girls will still marry! A divorced man with children may lower his requirements
for choosing a spouse, he may have a better financial foundation, may have
experienced marriage and be more cherish, may have richer experience in caring
for children, etc. These are their advantages.

If this girl is willing to date a man with children, they will consider the following four aspects.

First of all, the three views must be
consistent and the expectations for the future must be consistent. Everyone
yearns for an ordinary, simple life, but they are all willing to struggle and
are not afraid of hardship. The requirements of the two parties on the material
basis that can guarantee a normal life must be consistent. Both parties do not
need us to accommodate each other or force ourselves. It is very simple two
people together, very comfortable.

Secondly, when problems are encountered,
both parties can communicate friendly to resolve them; more importantly, every
friendly communication can have a result of both sexes.

Third, women
feel that men must have a certain sense of responsibility and a strong sense of
. Although he has no big ambitions,
he must be very capable of working. He is humble, kind-hearted and
soft-hearted. In order to better take care of the people around him, he can
balance his time and energy well.

Having said so much, although not
necessarily accurate, I still want to say to all women: If you choose to date a
man with children, you must make time for each other. This may sound easy, but
you will be surprised at how “life” hinders your life; especially
when he has children, the time distribution is not completely even. It is
normal if he puts the children first, but it will definitely cause trouble to
each other and prevent you from enjoying the good time.

To put it simply, we
are in a relationship that should be intimate.
order not to break the stability of the relationship and avoid the negative
impact of conflict, we cater to each other, hide ourselves, and keep the
intimacy of each other at a distance, becoming “The most familiar
stranger”. However, after experiencing a tragic failure, I learned that
the differences in the quality of parents, the unequal family conditions, and
the differences in the educational background of the two people will directly
lead to the inconsistency of the three views of the two people and the
inability to communicate.

Therefore, the
maintenance of love and marriage
requires joint management by both men and women. Whether the result is good or
bad, it is enough if you both love each other deeply. Therefore, when a woman
is looking for love, she does not particularly need to consider whether a man
has children. The only thing you need to care about is that
cares about you very much and loves you deeply

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