Do you know 4 points to flirt for free?

they are kissing with flirt for free

Do you know 4 points to flirt for
free? You spend a lot of
time chatting with girls. What is the reason? Is it purely to pass the time, or
I want to get in touch with each other. If your goal is the latter, I think you
should probably read this article. How to transition from language chat to
physical contact with girls? How to adopt free flirting techniques

1 Common methods
of physical contact
to flirt for free

1) Joke negation:

Make some jokes to deny her, such as saying that she
dresses like an animal. Don’t be too high in denial, it’s a joke. Let the other
person “beat you with a smile”. Let the other party take the
initiative to initiate physical contact, and it will be simple in the future to flirt
for free.

2) Ambiguous
Use palm reading, simple massage and other methods to
make contact.

3) Concerns that
cannot be denied:

Hold hands when crossing the road (to look at the object,
hold your wrist if you are too shy), hold your arms when you are holding an
umbrella, and help remove things from your face… Try to imagine. The whole
process should be very natural. Your eyes don’t look at your movements at all,
making the other person feel that you don’t seem to mean anything else.

4) Laughing:

When chatting, in a suitable atmosphere and topic, deliberately pat the other person’s head and fiddle with each other’s hair,
just like treating a small animal. The negative incidental to this behavior is:
“I don’t think of you as a girl, just as a small animal.”

2. Language
to flirt for free

Before meeting, you can use the language kino in WeChat
or phone chat, so that the other party will subconsciously accept it when
meeting the real kino. When chatting, you can send some facial expressions such
as touching your head, hugging, massage and tickling, along with
some joke-like language.
For example, if a girl says she is fat again, you
can reply “I feel the most comfortable to feel fleshy” or “How
fat can I hold it?”

3. The point of
the first kino
to flirt for free

1) Give the other a reason to be
touched so that she can convince herself.

For example: “Palromance” is a game, and
“crossing the road and holding hands” is a concern.

2) Don’t give the
a chance to refuse. No
matter what you want
to do, you will do it naturally. Let her think:
“People are so natural, if they refuse, it will look strange to me.”

3) With negative. (It can be the
negation of language or the negation of demeanor).

There are three purposes here: one is to make your
behavior less deliberate; the other is to let her lose the right to refuse (he
is not soaking me, why should I refuse); the third is to make her want to
attract you to
flirt for free.

Function: According to different occasions and methods,
the above kino can have two effects (may not be produced at the same time):

The first is to make the
relationship between the two
people closer and prepare for further contact;
the second is to make the other person confused and leave a strong impression
on you (the feeling of “like” is probably produced at this time).

4. Possible
reactions of the other
to flirt for free

1) Very natural: Ok, your kino
level is completely acceptable to her, and then use a more in-depth way to kino
her, and further test for compliance.

2) Forced to be
girl is already a little
confused, but she has to hold on, and continues to
molest her with the same level of kino.

3) Slightly
unnatural, but did not refuse:

People’s heart is already up and down, you just need to
keep a natural and calm appearance, and she will be more confused when she sees
you. There is no need to continue kino, otherwise the other party may be
disgusted, but you can use words to tease her to flirt for free, such as:
“Why is your face so red, haha”

4) Faint

It is estimated that people are not interested in you
yet, do the previous steps first, don’t rush kino.

5) Strongly

Either people have a negative impression of you from the
beginning, or she has a more withdrawn personality.

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