Do you know 20 tips to flirt for free?

she is taking photos to flirt for free

Do you know 20 tips to flirt for free? The most sultry
love story, I am afraid that the subject’s legs are weak. What do you know
about the filthy love stories that make your legs soft? Although it is a bit
filthy, it is very
suitable for lovers
. Below, let’s take a look with the editor to see what
kind of dirty love stories are that make your legs soft.

1. Sit on his lap
while he is playing games and pretend to lick a lollipop casually to draw the
key point: You should slow motion when you lick to flirt for free, you know! Slow
motion! Then kissed him gently like a chicken pecking rice, and said: the game
is so fun

2. When you are
eating, you stare at him affectionately. If he raises his head and asks you:
“What is it?” You will answer: “Make
flirt for free!”

3. Rub his face
against his shoulder, like a kitten, pretend to find something or do something
to help him suddenly get close to his face, then look at his eyes directly,
lick his lips, and gently hold him when he is frustrated and fragile. You can
press your head on your chest to flirt for free.

4. When staying at
home together, I walked around and walked around in his boyfriend’s shirt. If
he was watching TV on the sofa, he would boldly jump on him and give him a
kiss, and the boyfriend would tell him every minute. Will you disarm and surrender
to flirt for free

5. For men,
hugging behind can give them a role-playing of a big man; for women, there is a
sense of security of being surrounded. Sometimes, switching the roles of the
two over, the effect is more steadily rising to flirt for free. A man who
pretends to be strong all the year round can finally take off his heavy armor
and enjoy the tenderness of this moment.

6. When you want
to eat something, ask your boyfriend to feed you. When his hand reaches your
mouth, look at him lustfully while holding his hand and putting it in your
mouth. ,You know.

7, praise him, the
more details the better.
How can your eyelashes be so long~ kiss, why your
nose is so beautiful, kiss~ why your lips are so sexy~ kiss, why do I like you
so much~ tongue kiss to flirt for free. Put on exaggerated lipstick, kiss him
everywhere, laugh at him.

8. Push down on
the bed, then ride on him and grab his neckline, then kiss and he will be
attacked immediately. Everyone knows the next plot.

9. Ask him if he
wants to eat the smaller fruits, such as grapes and strawberries, and then feed
them mouth-to-mouth to flirt for free.

10. Gently stroke
his calf under the table, or secretly when holding hands, pick his palm.

11. Half-exposure
is always more tempting than full-exposure, to give him a little sweetness, but
it can’t give him all the sweetness, to give him the foundation of imagination,
and even more space for him to imagine to flirt for free.

12. Pretend to be
drunk and say: I am hot. Then he lifted his clothes over his belly and chest, hugged
him from behind
and sucked on his earlobes, and his tongue teased his ear
to flirt for free.

13. Fingers with
long nails slowly scratch his chest little by little, staring affectionately at
each other

14. After taking a
bath, only wear a bath towel, keep him away, look at him quietly with a smile,
frown and coquettishly say: “Sir, I’m so hungry, can I eat you to flirt for free?”

15. Learn to bend
down in front of him to pick things, not too close or too far apart, one meter to 1.5 meters
is the best.

underestimate this action, this is a very sexy action, with a little bit of
temptation. Generally speaking, many men keep their eyes on to flirt for free when women are
bent over to pick up things, because that is the time when women are most
likely to lose their eyes.

16. After the
shower, don’t wrap your hair, you just loose it, but you can take care of it in
the bathroom a little bit. After you come out, wrap a bath towel to show him
the messy hair just after the shower to flirt for free. This feeling is the same Looking at the
kitten in the water, it makes
the man feel
compassionate and affectionate, and he can’t wait to put you
in his arms immediately, so that you won’t be hurt.

17. When two
people are sitting on the sofa watching TV, use your fingers to draw a circle
around the base of his thigh, be sure to gently bite his lip at the same time,
lie on his ear and breathe, and say: Make love!

18. Wearing and
taking off stockings in front of my boyfriend, although I don’t feel much, but
I don’t know the reason to flirt for free. In short, “black silk
temptation” is a big killer for all men, and it can always ignite the
deepest part of the body in an instant Enthusiasm without exception.

19. Sell cute, a
tried and true trick, just pretend to be cute, pretend to be innocent, this
trick is the easiest. Then the hair and the like, it’s really tempting anyway.

20. In the spring
and autumn season, choose a safe windbreaker jacket and wear a set of sexy
underwear under your windbreaker jacket in a vacuum to flirt for free. If you don’t
take off the jacket, he will never see the kind of clues. He will go out for
dinner and go shopping with him with a serious face. After entering the door,
the unbelief could not shock him. Believe in the power of contrast.

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