Do you know 2 problems about what makes a man commit?

she ls on his shoulder for what makes a man commit

you know 2 problems about what makes a man commit? Some people say that marriage is the best gift a man gives to a woman, so
some people say that if you love her, you marry her. At weddings, we often see
happy scenes of men swearing oaths and women moving to tears. Why do men care
so much about promises? Are men afraid of losing something, or are women asking
too much?

1. Is it determined by biological genes?

you know what makes a man commit? Many women do not
understand why men can become fanatics in the face of football matches, but
they cannot do so in the face of emotions. They don’t understand that those
football stars may be impossible to know all their lives, and they are truly in
front of him, but they are not treated with the same enthusiasm. The monogamy
system implemented today prevents many men from making promises to a woman
easily, and temporarily avoiding a woman’s charm index, which will affect his
chances of choosing other women.

However, there is still a difference
between humans and animals, because humans have brains and produce larger
frontal lobes, which determine that we can choose what
we want to do
and what we don’t want to do, so men can’t help crying after
stealing fishy, for this reason not enough.

2. Making a promise equals losing freedom?

you know what makes a man commit? Many men feel that
making a promise means losing their freedom. If you want a man to say what the
freedom he wants, most of them will say that freedom means come and leave. If
you don’t want to talk, you can stop talking. You don’t need to be responsible
for your actions, or you don’t need to defend yourself. , If you want several
women, you need several women.

However, men want to be loved and
taken care of at any time, and have a lot of sexual contact without making a commitment. There are very few men who can
have them.

you know what makes a man commit? Most men have too
much and have nothing at the end. They can enjoy everything without any
commitments. Perhaps in ancient times, rights were absolute power and could be
realized, but men living in modern times rarely have such a life. No one can
get complete freedom, except on an isolated island. It’s like if you want to
drive, you have to learn traffic knowledge and obey the traffic rules,
otherwise you can only walk with your feet.

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