he is kissing her in foreplay sex position

Is she losing interest or playing
hard to get?
Men’s sensitive belts are actually
very similar to women, including ears, nipples, inner thighs, scrotum, and
Do guys play hard to get? And I believe that
the most commonly used technique is the technique of oral sex for him! So, what
are the foreplay techniques that can make men comfortable in
foreplay sex position?

To help a man perform oral sex, you must first remind the other person to
wash it first, so that you can enjoy it together!
she losing interest
or playing hard to get?
The sensitive zone of the penis is from the horse eye, the coronal groove
(the circle around the neck of the penis) to the base of the penis. The doctor
mentioned that don’t suck his glans all the time, it will get tired.
Do guys play hard to get? When you reach the middle section, you can have a little suction, and then
lick it when you reach the root in
foreplay sex position. In addition, remember not to let go of the testicles, but just remember
to be gentle and gentle.

The doctor also observes clinically that a partner who can perform oral
sex must have a certain degree of trust: “Girls
have a lower posture
than boys during oral sex, so the obstacle for some
girls who dare not perform oral sex for each other is that they worry that I
will help him finish oral sex in
foreplay sex position. Does he think I’m bad? Is she losing interest or playing hard to get? Do
guys play hard to get?
In addition, if a boy
wants to be oral sex, he needs to believe that you won’t hurt him.” That’s why,
partners who have had oral sex will enjoy each other’s sex more. In fact, the
key is very simple. It is that you can truly relax and enjoy in front of this

guys play hard to get
I also remind
everyone that foreplay can have a lot of imagination, not just physical
contact, it can be simple flirting, the point is to find a bridge for you to
build intimacy in
foreplay sex position. And the same method
is not necessarily suitable for all partners, only you try slowly to find the
frequency that belongs to you.

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