Cold knowledge about female self pleasure

she has experienced female self pleasure

Regardless of whether there is a sexual
partner in
sex love and relationships,
whether there is sex, masturbation and playing myself
an exist. Moreover, for men and women after marriage, normal and
reasonable masturbation can help improve the quality of sex. There is
cold knowledge about female self pleasure.

Masturbation is a supplement to the lack of
sex. For women, it is one of the important ways to
playing with yourself. The results of a study focusing
on women and sexual tools were published in a pioneering college journal in the
United States. The results show that there are many ways for women to masturbate, and they will use them alternately.
“Only less than 10% of women said that without the aid of tools, they cannot get an orgasm with
self pleasure 

I don’t know if you know that the stimulation
area for sexual pleasure lies in the female clitoris (that’s the little
beanie). Rubbing and rubbing are both effective methods of stimulation. To a
large extent, when men and women have sex, sexual pleasure also comes from the
friction of the clitoris and the pulling of the tissues connected to the

One fact that frustrates men is that more than
70% of women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. That is to say, it is
very likely that men work hard and may not make women get more pleasure through vaginal intercourse. Then, let’s find out whether
we will reduce our sensitivity
with yourself

Yes, female masturbation can obtain sex
pleasure. This kind of exploration of their own body can make women more aware
of their sensitive areas. Would this make it harder to come orgasm? The reality
is that the time for masturbating women to
achieve orgasm is indeed prolonged.

However, this is not the sin of masturbation playing with yourself, but the function of the brain.
In order to achieve female self pleasure in
a short period of time, masturbation generally takes more intense stimulation
than normal intercourse, supplemented by pure erotic stimulation. After the
brain becomes dependent on this stimulus, the excitement intensity for orgasm
needs to be higher, and
the stimulation for normal sex
intercourse needs to last longer.

However, this dependence of the brain is
actually reversible. The simple “solution” to improve female
sensitivity is to abstain from sex for a longer period of time with
playing with yourself. In the long run, no one
stipulates that masturbation must have an orgasm. Gentle, low-degree
masturbation can also effectively bring sexual pleasure and relieve sexual

Female masturbation must be controlled well,
even if it is not excessive, it is not allowed to masturbate too intensively
for a certain period of time
. Because long-term and intensive masturbation
can lead to female clitoris hypertrophy, once it is rubbed by underwear or
bicycle cushion, it will be vulnerable to the invasion of viruses, parasites,
bacteria and other microorganisms, causing painful symptoms such as bleeding,
ulceration, and affecting sex. Life is happy, so we must be cautious.

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