Can you save a relationship that moved too fast? 6 tips for girls.

he is thinking about the happy relationship

Girls in love should not be dazzled by the sweetness of love. They need to
learn some skills and experience to have a long relationship.
Can you save a relationship that
moved too fast?
The following will bring
you girls’ love skills and experience, and see what girls should do in love to
keep boys’ hearts.

1. Girls should learn to show weakness for happy

Boys’ innate machismo will make them have a kind of heroic dream, and
boys like to be heroes in
non committed relationship. When giving help to the girls, the boys instantly felt full of heroism.
As long as he feels that he is useful in front of you and feels needed, he will
feel proud. He helped you and will love you more. Only girls who need boys are

2. Girls should know
that distance produces beauty
for happy relationship

A woman may find a sense of security in the intimacy between a man and
herself in
committed relationship.
When two people are
together, it is not necessary to stick together every day. Creating a certain
distance may also make you feel better than a newly-married girl. All of them
are shown in front of men, and men are always obsessed with fresh cj things.
Once you show them completely in front of them, they lose the sense of mystery,
so a proper distance can keep your love fresh.

3. Girls should leave enough
room in chatting
for happy relationship

You need to leave room for talking to each other, not only for yourself,
but also for the other person down the steps in
non committed relationship. Only talking women are loved by men, so that men can get along with you
easily and comfortably. You don’t need to have good eloquence, but you have to
learn to speak. Be merciful.

4. Girls should learn to
enrich yourself
for happy relationship

You must learn to enrich yourself so that you will not always cling to
men, give them a
sense of mystery, and improve yourself,
so that your own value is also
improved in
committed relationship
, adding a sense of
mystery, so that you can be more confident, so you More attractive.

5. Girls shouldn’t threaten to break up for happy relationship

90% of the girls said that the breakup was actually for men to retain
themselves, proving that they still care about themselves, but this is risky in
committed relationship
. Perhaps 50% of the
girls achieved their goals, and 50% really broke up. The girl who broke up is
sad and blames herself, so why bother? So if your boyfriend treats you well,
you should cherish it.

6.  Girls should
know that being in love
does not mean getting married
for happy relationship

This is not to play with each other’s feelings, but to observe whether he
is the person with you for the rest of his life. If the man has no intention of
marrying you for the time being, don’t be sad, and you can have more time to go
committed relationship
. Picking the right
person may not be the only one.

Life is sea and sea, you will definitely meet the partner who tolerates
you, understands you, and loves you, and grows old with you.

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