Can living alone ever be joyous?

Nope, Sometimes, after a heavy work, I really don’t feel happy, or even tired.

Especially after work, I still needed to go shopping in the supermarket and went home with big and small bags. Back to the dark room, I put down the things in my hands alone. And I had no time to rest but to turn on the lights and close the door.

Then, I had to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, and cook. It was already around ten o’clock in the evening when I had dinner. After that, i still had to do housework and take a shower and wash my dirty clothes. Until the midnight, I went to bed.

In fact, thinking about it, most adults’ lives are like this. They hide their tired state and sad emotions. They don’t want their parents to worry about them and don’t want passersby to watch, so even if they are not so well, they will still say that they are living well.

No matter if you are running for the present life or for the distant fields, I hope you enjoy your alone time and enrich your life.

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