All cute boys and pretty girls should know 10 skills in relationship

A long-term and stable relationship is the key to upgrading a relationship. So if you want to be in love
for a long time, the most important thing is to understand each other and solve
problems with each other, so that it can last. Let me share with you some love

1. Being in love is a process of testing each other’s bottom line.
Please pay attention to the word, testing, not compulsion.

2. Unilateral output will only make one person tired in advance, and
output together will last longer and enjoy happiness. I saw some boys who were
completely regarded as ATM machines by girls. In another way, girls should also
give boys something occasionally. After all, love is mutual, and a person’s
battle will never last long.

3. Don’t try to change each other, but influence each other subtly in
daily running-in. A person’s change goes through many processes. When you are
in love, you should improve yourself first, then make changes appropriately for
the other person, and gradually become what the other person wants. If two
people become better selves, you are still suitable. Then this is probably the
best look in love.

4. In love, letting you do whatever you want is too insightful. When
girls say these: “You leave me.” “I don’t want to care about you
now.” “I’m angry.” Most of the implication is: “Don’t come
to comfort me yet!” If you do what they say, it’s true Make a big mistake;
you have to read some expressions of language emotions.

5. Physical contact, pave the way for an upgrade relationship. On the
premise of good feelings, proper physical contact. Inadvertent shoulder touch.
Pull your handle back when there is a car nearby. The ultimate nirvana: sex!

6. A sense of ritual and small surprises are tonic in love. The
carefully prepared gifts during the holidays and the romantic setting for the
birthday are sometimes more effective than sweet words.

7. Doing this in love will be more attractive to boys! When you are in love, you still have
those clothes, which two kinds of makeup? Constant change and progress make
boys more inseparable. Change makeup every week, every few months Change to a
different hairstyle. The freshness will only always exist, and the attraction
will only always increase, so you still have to worry about boys losing
interest in you.

8. Solicitation, “Skills hard to refuse”

The method of choice, don’t have the opportunity to refuse, put two
choices in front of him, for example, “go for coffee or tea in the
afternoon”. This kind of choice, in fact, excludes the choices that don’t
go, the success rate will be better, provided that he has a certain favorable
impression of you.

In the second invitation method, the average person refuses once, it is
difficult to refuse the second time, because it will feel guilty. So it might
as well say that the invitation on Saturday is rejected, and the invitation on
Sunday is generally not rejected. The two methods are just an invitation, and
the more important thing is the dating process.

9. Do something that speeds up your heartbeat to bring a vague feeling
of like, and your feelings are more likely to heat up. Going to haunted houses,
riding a roller coaster, watching horror movies together, this kind of
heart-pounding project will make you feel excited when you are with you, and
this kind of stimulation often has the illusion of liking, thus deepening the
emotion and dependence.

10. When quarreling, don’t be reasonable! Showing weakness and
expressing your feelings will help resolve the conflict. This will not only not make others domineering,
but may also make a dramatic change. Maybe the next sentence is: “I was
not good just now. The place”.

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