Advice of avoiding sexless relationship

he needs sexless relationship

The philosopher Russell
once said that sexual desire is the same as appetite. The more restrained, the
higher the desire. Conversely, when the desire is satisfied, it will
temporarily dissipate. If you are struggling to have
sex in relationships in your married
life, how can you maintain your relationship with
sexless relationship?

The movie
“Important Mature Woman” Min, has a high salary and looks good, but
after 5 years of marriage, she is still a virgin. She is afraid of sexual
relations and cannot enjoy fish and water with her husband. The repression from
sex caused her to retreat in life, work, and marriage. “
husband wont have sex with me
”. When the marriage
came to an end, the husband decided to divorce, and he had a new love outside;
the father who ran the restaurant fell ill due to her marital problems and
became bedridden; the emotional crisis made her exhausted, and her work was
full of loopholes. Dissatisfied…

In the end, she fell to
the bottom and could only take over her father’s small restaurant, and
everything started again. At this time, the chef Jiahao suddenly fell from the
sky, and had an emotional relationship with Xiao Min. He used various foods to
teach Xiao Min to “know”, and kept passing food to Xiao Min’s mouth,
letting her try blindfolded, which was extremely sweet. The opening of her
appetite gave Xiao Min a new life, and she was willing to try more intimate
physical contact for sexless relationship. At the same time,
under the guidance of her old classmates, Xiao Min began to learn pole dancing.
In the process, she perceives the existence of her female body, and begins to
pay attention to her appearance and temperament. Her clothes have changed from
being cold and windy to bright and vibrant. With the help of Jiahao and her
classmates, Xiao Min’s body and spirit are double liberated, and even others
can feel her subtle changes from the inside out.

Why do others not like you in sexless relationship?

Xiao Min’s changes are
indeed gratifying, but in reality, there are still many people who cannot find the
“key” to change sexless relationship
, and are
constantly hurting in their relationships: She is obviously a good girl, but
she is too boring to complain about, and too dismissed by her lover. Stiff; She
is obviously in good shape, but she dare not turn on the lights and have sex,
and she is extremely unconfident in herself; She clearly tries to pursue the
one she loves, but finds that the other party is in love with someone who is
not as good as her own in shape and appearance… …Actually, the reason for
sexless relationship is that you have not stimulated your potential sexual charm and lack of

The trinity of love
proposed by the American psychologist Sternberg-love is composed of three basic
components: passion, intimacy and commitment. Passion is the sexual desire
component of love,
the most primitive attraction between men and women.
Only by daring to look directly at the true inner desires, accepting and
appreciating one’s own body well, can the unique attraction be fully
sex in relationships. But unfortunately, more and more people dare not release their desires sexless relationship, are overly shy and
depressed, and live into a beautiful empty shell with no characteristics.

A psychological
counselor once shared a case: a 29-year-old woman with a good career
appearance, but she could not attract boys and could not start a romantic love
sexless relationship. Whenever a boy gets
closer, she becomes shy and unable to communicate normally, but can simply cope
with it, causing the boys to lose interest. Many boys commented on her: she has
a very good personality, but she has no personality, and it feels like talking
to her is like chewing wax, very boring sexless relationship; she is
too honest to open herself, I like the independent and energetic girl; I dare
not imagine talking to her Falling in love, I feel no passion at all, just like
a robot…

She was born in a strict
family education, and her parents never allowed her to play with boys. As a
child, because of her good studies and good looks, she received many love
letters, but after being discovered by her parents, in order to put an end to
such incidents, she severely scolded her as “cheap” and
“show”. When she grows up, she can’t let go of getting along with
men, it’s very unnatural. Whenever she gets closer to the opposite sex, she is
afraid of being taken advantage of and degenerates into a bitch
sexless relationship. The shadow of
childhood has long been implanted in her
consciousness sex in relationships
. Even
though she looks beautiful, she always feels numb and boring after contact.

How to release sexual charm?

Freud believed that all
mental depression is sexual depression. Sexual depression not only affects the
relationship between
sex in relationships, but also affects people’s personality, making people more prone to
inferiority, weakness, lack of vitality, and unable to accept themselves. So,
how to stimulate sexual charm and become attractive?

After awakening in the
movie, Min, under the guidance of Jiahao and his classmates, tries to flirt,
release the long-lost sexual charm and rejuvenate. At the same time, she also found
her way in life and made a signature dish that her father had not dared to cook
for many years because of the deterioration of her sense of taste sex in relationships. This
attracted more diners and the restaurant business was booming.

In fact, everyone except
Xiao Min has a sexy charm. Only by learning to express your most attractive
side in your
sex in relationships. If you want to become a sexually attractive person, what you need to do
most is to explore your sexual attractiveness and cultivate it to the extreme.

Love is not looking for a perfect person being attractive middle aged woman, but learning to use a perfect vision to appreciate that imperfect person
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