9 sex positions in sex position dictionary

they are trying 9 sex positions in sex position dictionary

Female sex
position on top
, this position allows changes, which is
beneficial for the woman to control sex
in sex position dictionary.
Usually, men who have active sex and love controlled will be stimulated by this
position to increase their excitement
with sensual sex positions, which sex
positions women love.

1. Control the insertion: When
the penis is inserted, the woman can control the angle and rhythm of the
insertion. When the woman is in the upper position, she can freely change the
angle of her body, thus forming a pleasure for herself and her partner
with sensual sex positions, which sex
positions women love
. She can control the speed and depth of
his penis penetration, and aim the penis at almost any part of her vagina
in sex position dictionary.

2. To stimulate the pubic nucleus, the
woman can sit back or prone on the partner’s body, move her pelvis back and
forth, and stimulate her pubic area by rubbing his pubic area
with sensual
sex positions
which sex
positions women love
. She can change the angle of her body
in order to change the penis to stimulate different parts of the vaginal wall.
She can also control the depth of penis penetration
in sex position dictionary.

3. The female sex position on top is
also favorable for the man to massage her buttocks and caress her anus. Many
men feel very excited to see their penis enter the female body in this position
with sensual sex positions, which sex
positions women love
. This integrated position is very
beneficial for deep penetration and stimulation of the vaginal anterior wall
where the g point is
located in sex position dictionary.

4. The variation of sex position on top: the
basic position of the female side, make some small changes, the function is
somewhat different. The woman can sit on the soles of her feet with her knees
stretched out. When facing each other, her leg can be placed on his leg
with sensual sex positions, which sex
positions women love
. This variant is very useful for deep
penetration when making love. Some partners prefer to penetrate deeply. Another
comfortable variant is that the man lies on his back and pulls his knees toward
his chest, while the woman sits in the middle of his legs, facing away from
him. This is advantageous for the woman to guide his penis into her vagina i
n sex position dictionary.

5. Behind sex: The woman’s
buttocks are lifted, and the sexual organs appear, and then the man is allowed
to embrace the woman’s waist from the back, and the y stem is inserted from the
back. This is the back position
with sensual sex positions, which sex positions women love. From
the perspective of causing a woman to be sexy, because the y stem and The
direction of the y channel is the same, so the two sexes can be combined
smoothly, and the testicles of men also have the opportunity to stimulate the
clitoris of women and cause women’s pleasure. Although some people feel that
this method is similar to animal sexual intercourse and feel uncomfortable, but
Such a posture
can satisfy a man’s desire
to conquer, and it is also suitable for pregnant
in sex position dictionary.

6. Sideways sexual intercourse: The
sideways sex position includes the combination of male and female sex organs
face to face, and the back side position where the man lies on the side of the
with sensual sex positions, which sex positions women love. The front
side position does not require too much stimulation, and the upper body of the
two can be maintained 45 Degree angle, so that the depth of insertion of the y
stem can be prolonged. In
order to enter more smoothly,
a woman can gently bend her knees and hook
the man’s waist, and a man can also caress a woman’s breast with his hand. The
sex position in the posterior position makes pregnant women quite comfortable
and safe. This position prevents the y-stem from going deep into the y-channel,
but the man’s penis can be pressed by the woman’s ass and feel satisfied
in sex position dictionary.

7. Pinwheel pose: You and
him are lying on your side in the same direction. You sit down, pinch him with
your feet, and extend your arms back for support
with sensual sex positions, which sex positions women love. Then he surrounds
your waist with your legs and grabs your The thighs swing gently. Advantages:
This position will be shallower, and can focus on the sensitive parts of the
first third of the dangerous path and the nerve endings at the top
in sex position dictionary.

8. Starfish pose: Let him
sit on the ground with his hands supporting his body from behind, and his feet
stretched out comfortably. You sit between his thighs, turn your back to him,
bend your knees and spread your feet, and let him touch the ground. During sex
with sensual sex positions, which
sex positions women love,
let him
Make a slight circular movement of the dangerous stem, and at the same time
tighten your dangerous muscles. Advantages: You can continue to dominate and
get an angle that can stimulate the g-spot. At the same time, you can use your
hands to stimulate his testicles. You can also touch sensitive parts such as
your thighs and neck
in sex position dictionary.

9.Rowing style: Let him lie on a
comfortable and sturdy chair with his feet slightly open, then you sit on top
of him, face him, then bend your knees, and open your feet toward his chest and
with sensual sex positions, which sex positions women love. Let him grasp your hips or thighs, and you will grasp the back of the chair
and start to move forward and backward. Advantages: The typical female
upper-male lower position, you can control the speed or the circular motion at
will, because the two sides are very close, you can kiss or caress each other
at the same time
in sex position dictionary.

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