8 facts of sex in long term relationships

he is kissing her for sex in long term relationships

born in the 1990s have also stepped into the wedding hall one after another and
term relationship advice
, which is also the beginning of
another turning point in their understanding. Start a life as a spouse, and
grow old hand in hand with the other half. So let’s take a look at the sexual
knowledge that must be known in the sex between husband and wife for
term relationship advice

Couples who have
sex in long term relationships are to
enjoy sex on the premise of love. This kind of sex life is a good sex life, and
before they can experience the other’s strong love for themselves.

Before a wonderful
sex in long term relationships, you
must carefully clean the private parts of the lower body. And the bed should be
kept clean and tidy. Hygiene in sexual life is also for the health of husband
and wife, who have
sexless marriage quiz. Only health in
the private parts can ensure a good sex life.

3. In
the case of not wanting a baby, couples must choose condoms for contraception.
Men must not let women choose to take contraceptives for contraception for
their own enjoyment. This is very detrimental to women’s health. And it may
also affect women’s future fertility problems during
in long term relationships

4. When
a woman is menstruating, remember not to have
sex in long term relationships between husband and wife. During sex at this time, even if a man wears a
condom, it is easy for bacteria to enter a woman’s private parts, because
women’s private parts are most likely to be infected with bacteria during

5. A
man can blindly let himself enjoy the wonderful
sex in long term relationships, or
even enjoy the climax of sex alone. If you don’t take care of the needs and
feelings of your spouse, even if you have sex, it will cause conflicts in the
relationship between the husband and wife, who have
marriage quiz,
even lead to sex life and emotional breakdown.

6. In
the process of your passion, you will consume too much water in your body. At
this time, your body is in a tight state. Drinking a cup of warm water will
help relieve tension and stress, and it can also make your stomach feel

One-time love for 30 minutes is enough. The complete
sex in long term relationships process
should include three stages of foreplay, intercourse, and post-coital caress.
After a reasonable allocation, it should be 2:3:2. The overall sex
time can be a
few minutes to tens of minutes, and 30 minutes is the upper

8. Soak
the testicles in cold water. Use a small container to soak the testicles in
cold water for about 10 minutes each morning, noon, and night; after soaking,
gently press and turn clockwise to promote blood circulation. This method uses
the stimulation of low temperature and massage to improve the effect of heat
stress on the testicles and improve erectile function.

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