7 tips of how to make a guy like you over text

she knows how to make a guy like you over text

In the early days of love, each other has a strong
curiosity and wants to know everything about each other, so there are many
topics to talk about.
How to text a guy to keep him
interested examples?

When all those who should know are known and those
who should be understood are understood, the original curiosity of the two
people is gone. At this time, two people can increase some common experience,
and have the same or different feelings about the same thing, and naturally
there will be topics to talk about. How to increase the common experience?
How to make a guy like you over text?

1. Prepare topics before dating

How to chat with girl? Generally, before going out for a date, you
need to know more or less about the other party, such as the other party’s
work, habits, interests, hobbies, and good at information. Based on these, sort
out one or two topics that the other party may be interested in. just in case.

2. “Nonsense” is also necessary

How to make a guy like you over text? Say more nonsense, nonsense, or
inquisitive words. As the beginning of interpersonal communication, nonsense
starts with small talk, whether there is a traffic jam when you come, how long
have you been here, and the weather is such nonsense. It’s
best not to make people feel
like you’re looking for a topic, and try to
create something that you are old An atmosphere of friends.

3. Start the topic from what you are good

How to make a guy like you over text? When you are in love and dating, you can
find topics for you to cut into the subject from what you are good at. For
example, you know that a certain restaurant is good, where it is fun, and
something that happened recently can be your topic.

4. Find the “resonance point” of
the topic around hobbies

How to text a guy to keep him interested examples? Everyone has their own hobbies, even if a
person is taciturn, as long as he talks about his hobbies, he will be eloquent.
However, when you first met, you still don’t know what his hobbies are. What
should I do?
It doesn’t matter, you might as well talk about your own
hobbies first, and start a discussion, and then seek resonance in each other’s
hobbies, so as to increase understanding and deepen the relationship.

5. Broader knowledge

How to text a guy to keep him interested examples? The knowledge involved should be as wide
as possible, covering daily life, music, the Internet, etc. You can reflect
whether the other party is interested in certain topics based on the change of
the other’s facial expressions and the number of responses. If she is no longer
perfunctory and agreeable, it means that she is not very disgusted with it, then
you can extend it down appropriately.

6. Talk some jokes

How to make a guy like you over text? Maybe you don’t know how to tell jokes or
tell stories in your daily life, but you insist on sending funny jokes to your
favorite mushrooms. Over time, you will find that you can also tell some jokes.
In fact, I usually chat with many women. They have mentioned that they like
their boyfriend to send themselves some joke-like messages. Watch more and
learn more classic chat conversations, and use some dating skills in the usual
chat process to make her think you are an interesting person.

7. Talk about future plans

How to make a guy like you over text? Everyone has different views on future
plans. You
don’t need to know
what the other person is doing and what you want to
accomplish in the future, but a good attitude can easily understand what he is
doing. Sharing encouragement can also discover from the work whether the
person’s characteristics are what you are doing. like.

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