7 skills of dating older woman meme when eating

he is happy when dating older woman meme

Now that we all know the benefits of praise, how can we
just “praise” to make the other party feel your sincerity and love,
and invisibly encourage him to become that gentle and considerate warm man? So
what should a man pay attention to when eating on a date? There are 7 skills of dating older woman meme
when eating.

If you are planning a meal with a girl, you should pay
attention to the following tips:

1. Pay attention
to ladies first when
dating older woman meme

As long as it is a matter of benefit to girls, women must
be given priority. Only in this way can girls feel that you are caring about
her and thinking about her. When entering the restaurant, ask the man to open
the door first and let the woman go in first, and you must always pay attention
to opening the door for the girls.

2. What to take
the girl to eat? Smart people do multiple choice questions

Most of the girls from the celestial dynasty are educated
to be restrained. The first time they agree to have dinner with you, they will
look elegant and connotative. If the girl is not reserved, she will order a
five-star restaurant. This kind of restaurant is expensive and will charge you
a service fee, whether
you agree or not.

In fact, another way of thinking is that any girl is a
sensible girl. But the casualness of the girl’s mouth is waiting for you to ask
multiple choice questions, do you want spicy or not? What kind of food do you want?
Are there any favorite taboos? If she is really difficult to choose when dating older woman meme, you can also
recommend good cuisines and good dishes.

3. Where to take
her to eat? More important than price is the environment

Don’t choose places like barbecue, hot pot, mutton, Haidilao,
dumpling restaurant, KFC, fast food restaurant for the first appointment,
unless you have the money to cover the entire restaurant. This type of
restaurant basically sits and waits, ordering food depends on roaring, and
taking food depends on grabbing! To eat with a girl, chat
is more important than
eating. Find a more elegant restaurant with soft and
warm lighting. The polite waiter. It’s best to have soothing music, which can
also create a romantic atmosphere for the chat between you.

4. A man who wants
to know how to advance when
dating older woman meme

If you are in a big city, even that kind of elegant
restaurant will be overcrowded for dinner, so in order to save the effort of
waiting in line, the boys should go early to get their tickets dozens of
minutes in advance to avoid being full. seat. You are so caring. She hasn’t
started eating yet, so she’s warm to you!

5. Be
a gentleman, considerate

I came to the restaurant with her. As a gentleman, you
must take the initiative to pull the chair naturally. Remember not to act so
deliberately, but to be natural, as if you were so elegant from start to
finish. The chair pulled out must be of the right height and weight to avoid
the sister’s paper from falling to the ground because it will be embarrassing.

Next, you have to hand over the menu to the sister paper
with graceful hands. Remember not to use one hand, but to throw it in casually.
This will make it appear that you are very considerate of the human body. He
is a careful boy.
When dating, maybe your actions only last for three
seconds. In her eyes, they are playing infinitely slow.

6. Ordering is
like a game, steady and interesting is a master when
dating older woman meme

Ordering is the best opportunity for you to understand
her taste, and it is also a great opportunity to know the girl’s temperament.
The smart girl will give her own ideas in time, and tactfully suggest you place
an order. The sensible sister paper will definitely not order the most
expensive dish on the menu. If
she really doesn’t know what to
eat or has difficulty choosing, you can
recommend better dishes to sister paper at this time. You can place an order
after asking her for permission.

7. These small
details when eating, constantly give you extra points.

Good things should be shared. For example, which dish you
think is particularly delicious, you can give it to her; when there is half of
the water left in the cup, ask the waiter to come and add water. Don’t wait for
her to finish drinking the water, because she drinks it. Adding it afterwards
will make her feel that you are not particularly careful; you must find a
reason to settle the bill halfway through and avoid paying the bill later when dating older woman meme.

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