7 fun things to do in bed while on your period

They are kissing for sex

Men’s desires are not always a matter of
course. Women’s thoughts about love and their performance in love play an
important role in men’s bed work. The French “women” website summarizes
love secrets for women that 7
things to do in bed while on your period
, so that men need
you more.
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1. Accept your own body before sex

What makes a man lose his passion most
is that a woman says to him: “Don’t look at my body, it’s so ugly.”
Since a man chooses to be with you, you must have something to attract him. The
more you accept your body, the more he can enjoy
the beauty of sex.

2. Slowly increase
a man desires a woman

Exposed clothes, enthusiastic laughter,
mischievous eyes… Let him enter a state of joy first, this is the real
starting point for the burning of passion, let him slowly feel that you are a
very interesting woman. Learn more hints: let the suspenders and skirt straps
fall naturally to show beautiful shoulders; mysterious eyes, meaningful smiles
or silence.

3. Let him take a peek in sex

The male desire is hidden in the eyes.
Use this to get him excited! Don’t turn off the lights, show yourself bravely,
and let him “pee on” you. The most important thing is not to keep
your eyes closed. In this situation, eye contact is most stimulating.

 4. Master the erotic map when a man desires you

Like women, men also have many sensitive
areas, which cover almost every body part. All men like to be stroked between
the belly button and the sexual organs. This part of the nerve endings is rich
and directly connected to the brain nerves, allowing the partner to
a deep sense of pleasure.

5. Express your desires before sex

Shy people can simply express:
“Here! Point down! Point up, point up again, yes, right there…”. Of
course, before using these skills, you need to understand the character of a
man. After all, both sides like it to make love more passionate.

6. Give him confidence when having sex

Men also need a sense of security. Let
him think that he is the only person you are interested in, and the only person
on earth who can make you so excited. Compliment him for the way
touches you and praise his body

7. Be proactive before making love

Men will be upset why they always have
to take the first step by themselves. They also want someone to take the
initiative to “pounce”, or at least show some initiative. You can
whisper to him in your ear: “I want to” during a dinner party; touch
his sensitive area with your hands while watching TV.

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