7 best sex position in sofa

they are having sex position on sofa

Playing on the phone on the sofa is
suddenly tempted, but don’t want to change positions? In fact, there are many
different tricks that can be played on the sofa. Let me learn 7 sex positions
on the sofa with the editor! Passionate ecstasy all night, without leaving the sofa,
it can still change! Try tonight
7 best sex
position i
n sofa!

1-VIP type sex position in sofa

One party sits comfortably on the sofa and
enjoys the service provided by the other party. Isn’t that enough VIP? It is
recommended that men can help the girls first, so as to arouse each other’s
lust while performing foreplay for
position in sofa
. Don’t be anxious to want the other party to
satisfy you quickly, be a warm man with a good texture
to satisfy a girl, and you won’t
get rushed when you exchange.

2-cushion sofa sex position

As long as the posture is adjusted
slightly, the woman can stimulate the depths at an unprecedented angle by
shaking her hips. If her softness is not so good, she can be supported by the
table, and the same effect can be achieved!

3-armrest sofa sex position

This posture is basically similar to the
back pose, but the woman puts her hands on the back of the sofa or the armrest
(if the armrest is wide enough, she can lie on it), and her body is relatively
stable. At the same time, you can also use some small props to give her a
little excitement. With this action, girls can also use the sofa as a fulcrum to
push themselves to boys,
master the rhythm and dominance.

4-rear side sofa sex position

Why is it called the rear side? Because
this movement combines the two positions of back and side entry (and a little
bit of scissors). This posture looks gorgeous, but in fact, just a little
change of angle and movement can make the woman face you slightly, and the eyes
of both sides will meet each other, adding a spark of passion to tonight!

5- reverse cowgirl style sofa sex position

This posture can be said to make full use
of the function of the sofa, it was originally intended to be used to sit! The
woman can sit on the man’s legs, and while holding the sovereignty, she can rub
the privacy to add
excitement (or the boy can do it)
. While looking at the charming curves
behind the female partner, while watching her lustful swings, my imagination is
hard to imagine!

6-spoon type sofa sex position

By making a girl’s foot hooked on the back
of the sofa, you will find that this spoon style is deeper than usual and can
stimulate the sensitive parts of the other party more; using a little lubricant
at the right time can help you find the right entrance. This posture of
embracing from behind can make girls feel protected, loved and intimacy greatly

7-Back Armrest sofa sex position

The girl can straddle the armrest of the
sofa (you can grab the back of the chair with your hands or use a pillow to
support the body), kneel on the sofa with one foot and the other on the ground,
while the man stands and enters from behind. The classic of this action
shouldn’t be mentioned much, I believe you will understand it a long time ago. Boys
can hold girls’ buttocks with both hands
, which can stimulate each other’s
depths and G-spot. The point is that if you have a small prop, use the armrest
to clamp it on the sensitive part of the girl, which will make her orgasm even

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