7 benefits of how to ask for sex without saying it

they are kissing for sex

Sex is a very enjoyable
two-person exercise, such as: improving immunity, relieving stress, etc.
Experts have confirmed that the happiness index and health index of regular sex
are significantly higher than those of ordinary people in
relationships first, when the sex stops in your relationship.
Here are the 7
benefits of how to ask for sex
without saying it. Try it tonight!

1- Sex reduces stress

Sex is a good way to
relieve stress, because sex can fill the brain with pleasant chemicals, such as
dopamine that gives people excitement, endorphins that relieve pain and stress,
and oxytocin (also known as the hug hormone )” and so on, while also reducing
the production of the stress hormone (cortisol) in
relationships first.

2- Sex is good for the

During sex exercise,
breathing is unconsciously deepened, lung capacity increases, and the amount of
oxygen in the body increases. The blood can carry more oxygen to various organs
and tissues and promote blood circulation, especially the function of the heart
organ will be strengthened. In fact, through kissing, hugging, and orgasm, a
woman can feel how close she is to the person she has sex with, which is good for her health and heart
relationships first.

Study 1

The New England Research
Institute found that men who have regular sex lives are 45% less likely to
develop cardiovascular disease than men who have no sex in
relationships first.

Study 2

Studies have found that
women who are satisfied with frequent sexual intercourse have a lower risk of
hypertension and heart disease in
. Although the benefits of sex for the
heart have been confirmed by many studies, people who have cardiovascular
diseases such as coronary artery blockage still
need to do what they can to avoid danger

3- Sex make you become younger

Sex can promote the
secretion of estrogen, make the skin fairer and hair shiny. In addition, men
will promote the secretion of testosterone, mental and physical strength will
improve, and women’s orgasm can activate metabolism to achieve anti-aging
effects in
relationships first.
Neurophysiologists said: “A positive sex life can delay the aging process
and make people younger.” Research by clinical neuropsychologists has
shown that [couples who
have sex 3 times a week
can maintain good physical and mental functions and
look 10 years younger than their actual age].

4- Sex enhances the relationship

Sex is definitely the
lubricant in the relationship. Oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, is
released when it comes in contact with the skin, helping to increase emotions between
partners and promote happiness. In addition, a study by the University of
Toronto found that couples who are willing to kiss or chat with their partners
after sex are more satisfied with their sexual life and
relationships first. Therefore, it can be
said that sex
is definitely an important element
to deepen the relationship between

5- Sex helps sleep

There is a French saying
that sex is the best sleeping pill. The reason is that after orgasm, prolactin
will be released, which will relax you after sex, make your body smooth, and
feel sleepy. Just as everyone knows, after ejaculation Of men will be exhausted
and sleepy. Therefore, sex can be said to be a good stabilizer and insomnia
treatment agent in
relationships first.
However, for people with chronic insomnia, we really can’t expect to have sex
every night to help, it is more important to prescribe the right medicine.

6- Sex boosts the immune system

The love and sexual
behavior between the
two sexes helps stabilize the mental and emotional state
, which in turn can
strengthen immunity. Scholars from the University of Pennsylvania found that
students who have sex twice a week have more specific antibodies than students
who live a sexless life. During sex, immune protein globulin A, which has been
proven to fight against common colds and flu, is released in
relationships first.

7- Sex reduces pain

If you have some aches,
pains or migraines in your body, sex may be more useful than painkillers.
American sexology researchers pointed out that pleasant vaginal stimulation
will increase pain tolerance by 40%, and women’s tolerance for pain during
orgasm increases by 75%. A survey of 1,000 headache patients in Germany in 2013
showed that 30% of people with severe headaches can improve after sex, and the pain relief of
migraine patients is as high as 60%. Experts believe that this is due to the
endorphins and oxytocin released during sex in
relationships first.

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