6 wrong points on female masturbation

she is kissing her cat for 6 wrong points on female masturbation

90% of adult women
will masturbate and meet their sexual needs through masturbation, but this kind
causes serious
harm to their psychology and physiology, especially the psychological makes
them feel a certain sense of guilt and guilt In fact, there are certain
misunderstandings about female masturbation.
Is masturbation a sin?

What are the misunderstandings
of female masturbation?

1. Female masturbation is a sexual abnormality

In the past, women
was a kind of humble, and would be ridiculed,
but with the development of society, there is a correct understanding of female
masturbation, women’s moderate masturbation will not harm their health, it is a
normal way of sexual behavior , And can alleviate the state of sexual tension,
which is the best supplement and replacement for sexual life.

2. Female masturbation before marriage will cause sexual frigidity after marriage

Some women think
before marriage may cause sexual frigidity
after marriage. This is actually without any scientific basis. When women
masturbate, they have already known and familiarized themselves with their
bodies, so that they can better understand where the body is the most.
Sensitivity, how to stimulate and achieve orgasm during sex is conducive to the
development of sexual psychology and physiology.

3. Female masturbation will break the hymen

When a woman’s
hymen is damaged or torn, pain or bleeding will generally occur. Although
may cause the
hymen to be stretched, the phenomenon of hymen rupture caused by masturbation
is very rare. There are many ways to masturbate women. It doesn’t have to be
like imitating
male sexual intercourse.

4. Female masturbation will speed up the development of the body, leading to enlargement of
the buttocks and breasts

When puberty is a
period of female sexual development, breasts will slowly grow, and the
subcutaneous fat will increase, and the pubic carapace will be raised, the
buttocks will become larger, and the pubic hair will grow and the labia will
become thicker. This is normal Feminine characteristics. When
women masturbating have these
characteristics, they are caused by sex hormones in the body, and have nothing
to do with masturbation.

5. Female masturbation after marriage will be cold to the husband

masturbating itself is
a way of sexual behavior that is
different from sexual intercourse. After having a husband, there is no need to
masturbate to solve physical needs to achieve orgasm. In fact, moderate sexual
masturbation after marriage has a positive impact on couples’ lives.

6. Low-level women
will masturbate or
Female masturbation

Some people think that women with lower cultural level
and lack of positive attitude towards life like masturbation. In fact, this is
a wrong idea. Studies have shown that the higher the level of knowledge of
women, the higher the rate of masturbation, mainly because their sexual
thoughts are open and the sexual information they obtain is more open.

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