6 skills for better oral sex between lovers

she is having a better oral sex

There are many different kinds of fun and fun
for couples to have sex, such as phone flirting, role playing,
giving oral
, etc. Today, I will focus on introducing the
skills and precautions of
how to give the best oral.
Before oral love, cleaning the private parts
is a must. Cleaning is a kind of courtesy. Do not brush your teeth and floss
before and after mouth love, because cleaning your mouth may cause slight
bleeding, which is not good for each other’s health. Just rinse your mouth with
water for how to give the best
1. You have to show enthusiasm during giving oral

The sex educator said: “Enthusiasm is
more important than technology. When you eat something delicious, you will be
very engaged, and the same is true for your mouth.” First of all, show
your desire and taste the same. So if you don’t like
better oral
, don’t force it, because the other person
will feel it too. If you don’t want to know
how to give
the best oral
, don’t force the other person. While verbal
love, praise the other person to make the other person more excited.
2. During giving oral sex, you have to learn to share adjectives that each
other likes to genitals

During better oral
, I will say something I want to eat you, as
well as nicknames for vagina and penis. You need to communicate beforehand,
which words you like and which ones do not like
how to give
the best oral
, so as not to say what you originally wanted
to say during oral sex If you flirt, the other party immediately turned off the
3. Before giving oral
, you should tell the other person how you
like to be loved by mouth

If you have previous experience of better oral
, you can tell the other person how to treat
it, and you will feel comfortable. Skills of
how to give
the best oral
need to be practiced. Male to female, female
to male, the strength of verbal love, and the way of verbal love have their own
favorite patterns. If you can communicate in advance, you can shorten the time
of exploration.
4. You
should pay attention to
body language during
giving oral

How to give the best oral? When you
are loving the other person of
better oral sex, pay attention to the other person’s expressions and movements to
determine whether the person feels comfortable. The other person may feel
uncomfortable pushing your head away. The other person pulling your head closer
to his body means you make him feel comfortable. Don’t let the teeth touch the
vulva and penis is the basic principle. As for the weight of the force and the
way of love, you have to try it before you know.
5. For giving oral
, you should use oral lubricant
Lubricant is
also used for better oral sex.
The lubricating effect of saliva from the
mouth is not good. Moutai has its own lubricant for
how to give
the best oral
. In addition to the common fruit flavors:
strawberry, peach… etc., there are also desserts such as chocolate, caramel
pudding… and so on. It is used with mouth love lubricants. Can cover the
private parts and condom odor, so that you can choose your favorite taste when
you mouth love, and make the other person feel more comfortable being loved by
6. During giving oral
, you should pay attention to the posture of
oral love

How to give the best oral? If
it is a posture of mutual love
, in addition to the well-known 69 style, men
help women love, women lie close to the bed, boys help women by the bed; women
help men, men lie on the bed of
better oral sex, women can help the male oral sex on the left or right side of the male,
or stand by the male and the female kneel on the ground for male oral sex. The
posture of oral love also needs to be discussed in advance. What posture is
feasible and acceptable. Communication is very important.
If you are single and want to feel the
feeling of
better oral sex, then sex
toys come in handy, simulating the feeling of being sucked or licked with your
tongue, and the control speed is up to you.
When he loves you,
he is willing to deliver a hot heart to you, it means that he is ready to share
the joys and sorrows with you in this life. If you are experiencing a breakup,
don’t worry about dying alone; if you’re single, don’t worry about finding a
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