she likes you more than friend

2. Physiologically produce a certain
sexual drive

When we are interested in or fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, we all
hope to have physical contact with each other. In a real love life, this desire
is always there. Of course, sexual impulse is not just behavior, it also
includes many other intimate physical contact, such as holding hands, hugging,
etc., this kind of emotion will always exist in the lover’s heart.

3. When you fall in love with him,
you think he emits light perfectly

When a person has different feelings
for a person, his perspective is bound to change as
signs she wants to be more than friends. For example, we may think that the other person is the best-looking.
Even if there is another opposite sex that looks better than the one you love,
he is the best-looking for you, and it is beyond comparison.

4. When you fall in love with him,
you will be willing to do anything for him

She is afraid that her irresponsibility
will hurt the other person. And she is afraid that her selfishness will make
the other person unhappy, and she doesn’t want to see the other person crying.
Because she really falls in love with you, she is willing to think about the
other person deep in her heart. The happiness of the other party is your
greatest happiness, which belongs
to signs she wants to be more than

5. When you fall in love with him ,
you want to share the happiness and sadness with him for the first time

Before anything, you would find your
best friend the first time, share funny things, boring things, or tell her what
a bad day you have. If one day, when you find yourself sharing something, the
first person you think of is him. Don’t panic. This is a good sign that you
have gradually developed feelings for him, so why not let him continue to slow
down Slow development? Just make sure you don’t bother him too much
signs she wants to be more than
after all, you still don’t know what he thinks!

6. Unimaginable days without each
other, I am willing to take each other wherever I go

It is unimaginable what kind of
life one would live without the other party. In the depths of the soul, I feel
that the other party and myself are originally one, without anyone being able
to become a whole. Therefore, wherever I go, what I do, I will think of the
other person in my heart, and I am willing to take the other person to the end of the world instead of trying
to escape from the other’s sight, which are
signs she wants to be more than friends.

The above is all about the feelings
of girls falling in love with someone. Falling in love with someone is always
uncontrollable, and unknowingly reveals the care and love for that person. I
hope today’s sharing can help you

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