6 sex advice for men to make women gain organsm

she has some sex advice for men

Orgasm during sex is usually due to women’s conscious and
active participation. During sexual intercourse, they place the most sensitive
part of the clitoris in the center of physical contact with men, usually with
the male genitals. To contact. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, this kind of
clitoral stimulation during intercourse can be regarded as a female’s
self-stimulation during intercourse. In summary, there are 5 sex advice for men to make women
gain organsm.

(1) Women’s active
sexual position
in sex advice for men

Female superiors should be the most effective way to
allow women to obtain full freedom of movement to seek self-satisfaction. This
position will also allow women to tighten their legs and put them together, or
adjust the penis penetration range, so that the clitoris touches the man’s
pubic bone in a way that suits the woman.

(2) The method of
rubbing the pubic area/pudendal area together
in sex advice for men

This friction method is very similar to the female upper
position, but it can be used in any position. Grinding includes complete
insertion, leaving only a small amount of penis pumped in the vagina, or
inserting the penis completely without twitching. One side rotates and twists
the body, so that the male and female genitals will be closely attached to each
other. Friction, especially women’s labia and vulva will get a great and very
pleasant friction stimulation.

(3) During sexual
intercourse, the pubic bones of both men and women touch each other
in sex advice for men

Use the man’s pubic bone to cling to the
woman’s clitoris
, and stimulate the clitoris with every penis pumping. In
most cases, men do physical exercises. Among them, the most commonly used
posture is the male superior position, and one or both sides can also take the
seat. A woman’s legs can take any posture, such as spreading the thighs,
bending upwards and backwards, and stretching the thighs into the air. The
principle is to make the pumping of the penis not too difficult to stimulate
the clitoris, and the woman’s own body movement should be free.

(4) Leave the
penis in the vagina and prevent it from being pumped back and forth
in sex advice for men

The head of the penis is just in the labia, and the root
of the penis is pushed up to the clitoris, as if to cover
the vagina
. But the paradox is that things that make women feel good
sometimes make men feel bad. In this posture, the penis is not inserted deeply,
which will make some men feel incomplete.

(5) Repeatedly
insert the penis into the vagina
in sex advice for men

In this type of intercourse, the penis is inserted less
than the previous position. That is, the penis only moves near the inner edge
of the outer labia, or even leaves the vulva completely every time it twitches.
In this way, the entrance of the vagina and the labia will continue to be
stretched and stimulated.

(6) Give clitoral
stimulation adequately before orgasm
in sex advice for men

Or other forms of stimulation, and then the penis is
inserted into the vagina, and then the woman will reach orgasm. Before the
penis is inserted into the vagina, full pre-caressing. Because women get very
little stimulation during sexual intercourse. And there is no “preliminary
caress” in most women’s masturbation.

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