6 places to touch a woman in bed for a better sex!

He was touching her in the sofa

woman’s body is something amazing. The curve is soft and smooth, and the soft
feeling is most suitable for holding in your arms. If caressing is in place,
they will be even more charming. There are many sensitive points in women, and
the specific points vary from person to person. In daily intimate life, if men absorb 6 places to touch a woman in bed, they
will have a much better sex relationship!

1. Lips to touch
a woman in bed
Women generally prefer to kiss. When kissing, you can
try to change the intensity, starting with a softer, then warmer, and then
gradually changing gently (from weak to strong and then from strong to weak).

After kissing her lips, kiss her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck,
earlobes and other areas that women feel sensitive. Before she sends a ready
signal, generally don’t let your hands “wander around” when kissing
(concentrate your attention completely on the kiss), so the effect will be

2. Hair to touch
a woman in bed

Have you ever noticed that many women love to play with their hair? They
do it because it makes them feel good, and it is likely that she also wants you
to play with it. The scalp is more sensitive to irritation, and she may never
think you are willing to take care of here, so this move will surely surprise
her. Combing her hair can also give her a very emotional experience. You can
also put your fingers through her hair when kissing her, or simply rub her
scalp with your hands.

1.     Breasts to touch a woman in bed

The breast is a familiar sexy area for most men, but be careful not to
touch it too much (or too hard) before she is ready. Excessive stimulation may
cause women to experience breast numbness or pain during a certain period of
the menstrual cycle. May wish to try the “less but refined” approach:
gently touch her breasts, then remove your hands, leaving time for her to move.

2.     Back waist to
touch a woman in bed

You can let her lie on the bed (or on your body) and massage her lower
back, which will bring her unexpected pleasure. Because here is also rich in
nerve endings, and it is a part of a lot of pressure, which can make her feel
very comfortable and relaxed. Not only that, it also helps arouse passion.
Because massage promotes blood circulation and congestion in the pelvic area.
At the beginning, use your fingertips for steady and moderate pressure. If she
likes it, she can add some strength. Of course, kissing this part is also a
good way.

3.     Soft parts to
touch a woman in bed

The knee fuss, the inner arm, the inner thigh, or the neck fuss are the
places where you use innovation the most. You can touch, kiss, lick, or blow on
these parts.

4.      Hips to touch a woman in bed

In fact, many women also like men to notice this part. For this area, you
can work harder without having to be as careful as you are with the breast. You
can knead or press, especially the stroke from the lower back to the buttocks
will achieve better results.

In short, as long as the male partner touches
these 6 common sensitive parts of women, you
will have a pleasant sex experience!

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