6 most important things in a relationship of improving sex

he knows 6 most important things in a relationship of improving sex

In the folks,
there have always been some sayings that judge male sexual ability based on
in love relationship. For example, people with big nose, strong
body hair, and strong buttocks should be strong in certain aspects. There is
also a saying that human sexual ability with bright front teeth is also very
powerful. These claims have been passed on by word of mouth, and few people
know their origins and do not know whether they are based.
Am I ready for a relationship? So, how to improve
men’s sexual ability by
6 most important things in a relationship?

6 tricks for men
to improve their sexual ability

1. Pay attention to heart health

I ready for a relationship?
“Strengthening the essence must first
strengthen the heart”
in love relationship. Sexual ability
is closely related to heart function. If cardiovascular problems occur, seek
medical attention in time to avoid impairing sexual function.

2. Abandon bad habits

Experts say that smoking, drinking, and staying up late
are all fatal killers of sexual performance
in love relationship.
Am I ready for a relationship? To maintain sexual
desire, it is very important to abandon these bad habits.

3. I often miss beautiful women

Experts point out that looking at and thinking about
beautiful women can promote the secretion of male hormones in men, and reveries
about details can also increase sexual sensitivity, making men “sexually
vigorous” quickly
in love relationship.

4. Appropriate abstinence

At the time of marriage, both spouses will have stronger
sexual desires. At this time, do not blindly indulge in sexual desires. Proper
temperance and regular sex will be of great benefit to maintaining the healthy
development of sexual ability
in love relationship. Am I ready for a relationship? Those who
over-pursue the frequency of sex, the
quality of sex will
be greatly reduced, and the rate of loss of libido will
easily accelerate.

5. Wear cotton underwear

Experts say that the choice of underwear is very
important to men’s health. The testicles require a low-temperature and
ventilated environment
in love relationship. Am I ready for a relationship? Therefore,
choosing pure cotton underwear with better air permeability can help men
protect their sexual organs and reduce damage to their reproductive capacity.

6. Alternate bath with hot and cold water

Alternate bathing with hot and cold water is an ancient
exercise method to enhance male sexual function, and exercise is best in
I ready for a relationship?
After bathing with warm water, lower the
temperature of the water and cool the genitals for 3 minutes
in love relationship. After the penis
and scrotum are contracted, the temperature of the water is adjusted back to
normal and rinsed. Repeat 3 times. This can help men reduce sexual fatigue.

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