6 benefits of healthy relationships in sex

they have gained benefits of healthy relationships

is an excellent time for couples to increase their feelings. It is easy to
provoke sexual desires by cuddling each other in a warm bed. The more and more
love is the cornerstone of the continuous development of the relationship
between the couple, not to mention the calories consumed, so act quickly not
sex without commitment. There are 6 benefits of healthy relationships in sex.

1- sex release endorphins

with the sunshine and warm climate in spring and summer, cold autumn and winter
are indeed easier to make people feel melancholy not
sex without commitment. Because the sunshine time in winter is
short and there is less sunlight, the serotonin that makes the brain feel happy
also decreases with
benefits of healthy relationships. At this time, you might as well improve your mood through
! During sex, neurons are stimulated to secrete endorphins, and
endorphins reach their peak during orgasm, which explains why we have a sense
of sexual happiness during orgasm.

2- enhance immunity

cold winter makes our immunity weak, and it is easy to catch a cold and get
sick if we are not careful. But you know what are
benefits of healthy relationships. In fact, having
sex helps strengthen
the body’s immune system.

have shown that people who maintain sex about 3 to 4 times a week have
relatively high levels of immunoprotein globulin A as antibodies in their
saliva, which will increase with the number of sex. The more exercise, the
better the body.

3- reduce stress and anxiety

weather can often make people feel stressed, depressed, anxious, and feel
trapped. And many studies have confirmed that sex can indeed alleviate this
feeling and is a good way to release tension with
benefits of healthy relationships.

4- Winter makes men stronger

though the weather is hot in summer and cooler to wear, research has found that
most men think women’s bodies are more attractive in winter. The reason is that
in order to keep warm in cold weather, people wear more and thicker clothes and
show less body parts, which in turn increases men’s curiosity and sexual
fantasies about female figures, and their sexual desire is stronger! It’s a
feeling that the less you get, the
more you want with benefits
of healthy relationships.

5- The best time to get pregnant

are good and bad seasons to create people! According to research, men’s sperm
come in more and more vigorous in winter than in other seasons. Once the spring
comes, the sperm count and vitality gradually decline with
benefits of healthy relationships. This is why the highest chance of success
in creating a human being is in December, and the fall of September is the time
when newborns are born.

6- Burn fat, sleep more sweetly

sun exposure will lead to more accumulation of body fat, coupled with cold
weather, eating more and less moving, which is why it is easy to get fat in
winter. In this case, you might as well do exercise in bed! Studies have shown
that men can burn an average of 100 calories during sex with benefits of healthy
relationships, while women can burn 70 calories. In
addition, after a fierce battle, they are tired and sleep better and deeper.
The exercise of making love can increase mutual feelings. I hope this article
will be helpful to you. I wish you a happy evening.

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