she knows 5 ways to improve women sexual desire

Sex is the bond that maintains the emotional relationship
between men and women. When the sex is harmonious, the relationship between men
and women will become more intimate. If the sex is not harmonious, it will
affect the stability of the relationship.
My boyfriend doesn t make me feel
wanted sexually.
Women are slower and harder to engage in sex.
How can we make women more engaged in sex? There are
5 ways to improve women sexual

1. Create an
environment that is not easily disturbed

boyfriend doesn t make me feel wanted sexually.
itself is a private matter
. If it can be disturbed by others, then women
being pushed away in a relationship are very easy to
be in a state of tension and it is not easy to engage in sex. Especially for
some people who have children at home, children are an unstable factor in their
sex, so if you want to have a hearty sex, it is better to send the children to
their grandparents’ homes to create an environment where they are not disturbed
improving women sexual desire.

2. Sensitive areas
to tease women

boyfriend doesn t make me feel wanted sexually.
There are many
sensitive parts on the female body. In addition to the sexual organs, the neck,
back of the ears, waist, thighs and other parts of the female are waiting for
men to develop. There are individual differences in women’s sensitive areas
being pushed away in a relationship. Different
women’s sensitive areas are different. Men can try to turn on the switch on the
female body one by one
improving women sexual desire.

3. Increase the
indoor temperature

When the indoor temperature is relatively high, the body
temperature of the human body will rise, and the nerve endings will be more
sensitive, so touching it sensitively will make you more excited. If you want
women to be more involved in sex, you might as well increase the temperature of
the air conditioner
being pushed away in a relationship. A frank and
naked meeting is always more exciting than having sex under a quilt, and the
sweaty body will be more sexy than usual, and it can
improve women sexual desire.

4. Express what
you think

boyfriend doesn
t make me feel wanted sexually.
Sex without communication is very boring,
like a stagnant pool, it is easy to deal with sex as an official business.
These exchanges are divided into conscious communication and unconscious
communication. In conscious communication, you can ask whether the other person
is comfortable or not
being pushed away in a relationship, while
unconscious communication is to express your inner feelings through sound. In
the process of sex, you may wish to be warm and bold, and naturally the more
open the provocative words, the better
improving women sexual desire.

5. Let women

In most cases, the rhythm of sex is dominated by men.
Sometimes men cannot master the rhythm of women
pushed away in a relationship
. My boyfriend doesn t make me feel wanted sexually. Men are excited,
and women have not been able to participate. At this time, the rhythm will be
out of touch, and sex will also be lost. harmonious. At this time, you might as
well let women dominate. Women will have a sense of conquering excitement, and
they can also grasp the rhythm and make themselves more excited
improving women sexual desire.

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