She is a hot woman

What do men think when
they meet hot women,
some of them
choose to strike up a chat bravely. However, they sometimes miss the
opportunity to
fall in love due to  wrong way of chat. At the
same time,
single ladies generally don’t resist chatting up. If they are walking on the street
and encounter where they are hit up, then they will feel very happy. But how do
men go to
chat with hot women? There are 5 ways of chat with hot women.

1. Chat with hot women: Men should be friendly

Don’t be serious when chat with hot women, otherwise the other party will be shocked and you will be nervous.
Approach her and choose some easy, easy-to-answer questions. As a start, like
“Do you like this place?” “Do you think this? How is the
activity? “Remember, you must be confident and friendly when you
attract a woman who is not interested. If your attitude is very arrogant, you won’t be able to make the other
person like it even if you are confident.

2. Chat with hot women : Ensure eye contact

Eye contact is the best way to
get the other person’s attention, and it can also convey your attention and
interest. But remember, don’t stare at the other person, it’s not polite. It is
a good way to stare into the other person’s eyes for a few seconds, then smile
and turn away. This method is a bit dangerous. If you see eye feces in the
opponent’s eyes, you will get embarrassed!

3. Chat with hot women: Compliment the beauty

All women like to compliment,
and this is no exception in chatting. If you want to know
how to attract a woman who is not interested and how
to attract your crush
Then you should
think about where the other person attracts you, and then give compliments
based on that. However, you must use your words carefully when expressing
compliments, the other person may think you are frivolous. To put it simply,
praise should be direct but cautious. Still confused? for example. If you think
the other person is very sexy when you
chat with
hot women
, don’t say “You are too
attracted, you must be great in bed!” In other words, “You look good
when you smile!” Isn’t it much better?

4. Chat with hot women : Pay attention to body language

Even if you keep your mouth
shut without saying a word
when you chat with hot women, body language can reveal a lot of information. And these non-verbal
information also play an important role in hitting up a conversation. Show open
body language, but don’t be too aggressive. Give an example and you will
understand! You can pass by the other person and show the willingness to
communicate further with the other person. But don’t appear to be too intimate,
because you are not familiar after all. At the same time, you should also pay
attention to the other person’s body language. I believe you can judge whether
the other person shows resistance or acceptance of your approach.

5. Chat with
hot women:
Don’t ask too much about girls’
private information

The biggest taboo for hitting
up is to ask girls for private information. Where are you from? What do you do?
How old are you? This will make the other person very uncomfortable and don’t
want to talk to you anymore.

Therefore, don’t just ask about the other person’s family or personal
situation, and talk about some common topics to ease each other and make the
conversation easier to go on. If you did, you can’t make it about
how to attract a woman who is not interested and how to attract your crush.

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