5 tips for girl to have first time sex

they are going to have first time sex

Today’s article is to popularize
the first night knowledge for girls. Before the first night comes, understand
your body and learn the following five things, which may make
couples first time having sex more fit
and happy when you have sex for the first time. How to make the “
first time sex ” more beautiful, maybe
this is worthy of
couples first time having sex. In order to avoid rushing, no
way to start and other problems, take a look at the following preparations
before the first night!

1. Before the first time sex, you have to learn to explore through yourself

Look in the mirror every day to
observe the changes in various parts of the body (including the private parts).
If you feel inferior to your body, you will be afraid of revealing yourself in
which will hinder your sexual
behavior. Touch your body, love your body, recognize that your body is full of
charm and pride. Touch each part of your body with your hand to understand
where the sensitive belts that make you comfortable and favorite are. Use your
fingers to confirm the structure of the genitals, especially the entrance of
the urethra and vagina, and the sensitivity of the clitoris, labia majora and
labia minora.

2. Before the first time sex, you have to try personal pleasure

You can use sexual fantasies to
understand the ways you love and can trigger excitement. Don’t rely on the A
movie plot in
relationships first for first time sex. In addition to sweet words and
love words of praise, you can also say some provocative words, but this
application will require a gradual process. However, love and sex between
couples and husbands and wives can make sex life richer, such as the other’s
rapid gasps and groans, and the slight sound of rubbing of their sexual organs,
which will activate the affection effect.

There is no need to have a
virgin complex, not every girl has a hymen, and its shape is also different.
time sex
something enters the vagina, it
usually does not feel immediately comfortable, but if you have already used a
tampon, it may be better in
. So you can try it with your own fingers
first, know about appliances and sex toys, understand the range that you can
accept, and make a clear reference when your partner makes a request. Look
carefully for the sensitive zone, it may be anywhere on your body. For example,
the nipples, behind the ears, and the back of the shoulders may also be in the
clitoris, labia, and vagina. The strength and the way of touching are also very
different. Understanding one’s own sexual needs, like skilled dance practice,
can guide your partner to a perfect waltz.

3. Before the first time sex, you have to be mentally prepared

In addition to giving the other
person a good impression, it is also necessary to avoid bacterial infections
(especially if you are staying in a different place at the beginning of the
night). Please do your body clean and environmental hygiene in
relationships first, such as: wet tissues, cleanser
for private parts, two more clean underwear, condoms, etc. Dress beautifully,
but also be comfortable. If
you wear well-fitting clothing i
n order to show your figure, it will be
embarrassing if you put a smell in the privacy.

4. Before having sex for the first
time, you must learn to use sex toys appropriately

If you want to use sex toys,
please bring things you are accustomed to, and don’t buy new ones, so as not to
get used to bad experiences.

5. Before the first time sex, you and your spouse must communicate well beforehand

Be sure to communicate well
beforehand. You can make an appointment for dinner before making love and talk
about how to have a romantic first time sex in
relationships first. If you make an appointment
directly at the place of sex, you can also watch a movie, chat, listen to
music, etc., and relax after taking a shower.

No matter when you decide to have the first night, please learn more about your
physical, mental, and desire preparation state. If you can, let the other party
know your bottom line in advance. When you feel really painful, you must let
the other person know that protecting yourself is the most important thing.

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