she has 5 skills to have a real passionate sex

Has sex become a routine? My
husband wont have sex with me.
The taste of sex without passion is the same as chewing
wax. The repetitive steps and actions not only make it difficult for people to
reach orgasm, but may also dilute the relationship between husband and wife. So
how should men and women have a
passionate sex
? How to bring passion back into a

1. Try to use sex toys

How to bring
passion back into a relationship
It is suitable for those who want to
pursue stimulation while being conservative, including massage stick, external
massager, male masturbation device, lock ring, sheep eye circle, lubricating
oil, functional condom, vaginal gel… It belongs to the “combat
level” sex seasoning Product. These products can directly increase
interest and excitement, and for some people urgently need to “wake up the
spirit of
passionate sex

2. Sex requires a deep tremor of the soul

How to bring passion back into a relationship? Although sex toys
are good, don’t use them too frequently and don’t rely too much on them. It is
just a helper, not a substitute
for kissing
, touching and flirting.
My husband
wont have sex with me.
Pay attention to hygiene when using sex toys. It is best
to clean and disinfect before each use. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning,
it is easy to cause bacterial infection. Therefore, when using sex toys, be
sure to clean them, and wash them thoroughly after using them and put them in a
clean and hygienic place!

3. You have to understand her sexual orgasm

How to bring passion back into a relationship? The ultimate goal
of making love is to make two people happy, which is more straightforward, to
achieve orgasm. However, few
men do not enjoy orgasm,
and many women do not.
My husband
wont have sex with me.
The main reason is that quite a few men don’t know how to
help their partners get an orgasm.

Men can reach an orgasm in 5 minutes,
while women can reach an orgasm in about 10 minutes. Therefore, when making
love, you should pay attention to women’s feelings and let women reach orgasm
first. Men can use foreplay such as caress, kisses, and love words to make
women’s pleasure level by layer, so that women can reach climax or climax
husband wont have real
passionate sex
with me.
When women come to orgasm first, not only women can be
satisfied, but also men with mental impotence can get effective sexual

4. You have to try different sex positions

How to bring passion back into a relationship? Enjoy different real passionate sex positions, the
sensitive areas of stimulation are different. Generally speaking, it is easier
to stimulate the A point when the male upper female lower or the male and
female sit relatively deeply. The best posture for stimulating the G-spot is a variety of female upper
positions, or a male partner lying on the side from the back.

5. You can try different ways of making love

How to bring passion back into a relationship? Many couples
blame the man’s premature ejaculation as the reason why women cannot reach
orgasm. This is largely a misunderstanding. Because simply prolonging the time
passionate sex
does not make women reach orgasm. Appropriate use of
words, hands, mouth, etc. to stimulate women’s sexually sensitive areas such as
clitoris, G-spots, etc. to make love can make it easier for women to get

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