5 signs show that you are dating a non affectionate person

he is flying for dating a non affectionate person

A girl agrees to come out on a date with you, indicating
that she has a more or less good impression of you, but don’t think that you
and this girl are all right. When we chat
, the image we build for each other in our hearts is often quite
different from the real image. But what’s your state when you are dating
a non affectionate person.

If a girl finds that you are completely different from
what she imagined after meeting, she may lose interest instantly and don’t want
to continue. Development continues.

These 5
signs show that you are dating a non
affectionate person:

1. Always play
with mobile phones
when dating a non affectionate person

Playing with mobile phones during dating is an extremely disrespectful behavior to the date. Although
this behavior may be caused by a girl having something to deal with or addicted
to playing with a mobile phone, if she has the following three reactions, it
means that she is likely to treat you not interested.

2. Decline your
further invitation
when dating a non affectionate person

For example,
after you met a girl, you found a cafe to sit and chat for a while, and then
you asked her to have a meal, but you were rejected. Or you made an appointment
directly, and after the meal you invite her to watch a movie or find a place to
go shopping, the girl refused. These are also manifestations that the girl is
not interested in you. She doesn’t want to give
you another chance
. She thinks that the date with you is almost done here,
and there is no need to continue.

3. Dont want to go to a more private environment with you when dating a non affectionate person

For example,
restaurants and cafes are located in the corners, parks with little traffic,
these places are not willing to go with you even in broad daylight. Because
girls have no feeling for you, she will feel embarrassed in such a more private

4. Always a
certain distance away from you
when dating a non affectionate person

Girls have a safe
distance. For people she doesn’t like, she does not allow strangers to
approach. Only boys who are interested can break through this distance. If she
doesn’t like you, you must not be allowed to get too close to her, because it
will cause her discomfort and may cause you to misunderstand. If you get a hint
and then increase your strength to chase her, this is equivalent to making
yourself trouble. .

5. Don’t reply to
your message after separation
when dating a non affectionate person

the date
is over, we usually send a message to greet each other when we
expect to arrive home. If she doesn’t reply, she is probably not interested in
you and is too lazy to care about you. If you haven’t returned for more than 24
hours, you can declare a cold.

A girl who really
respects you and cares about you will never leave you aside when dating a non affectionate person. Because the period after the date is
separated is the most emotionally sensitive period for the two people, a little
abnormal reaction at this time will make people think about it. The girl who is
interested in you will not only not fail to reply to the news, but will also
take the initiative to report to you whether she is home, so as to establish a
sense of connection with you and avoid your random thoughts.

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