5 signs of men in sex as self harm

she knows some signs of men in sex as self harm

you know signs of men in sex as self harm? Kidney deficiency
is often a common problem for many men. The health of the kidney is
particularly important for men. The kidney not only affects the sexual function
of men, but also has a great relationship with other organs in the body.

Therefore, many men usually pay attention to the
protection of the kidneys. However, some men do not pay attention to the health
of their kidneys. Long-term staying up late or unhealthy habits can cause
to the kidneys. The most common cause is kidney deficiency. If kidney
deficiency is not paid attention to in time, it will easily affect normal life.
So what are the manifestations of male renal overdraft?

1. Afraid of cold

you know signs of men in sex as self harm? Generally, men’s
cold tolerance is better than women’s, but once a man’s kidneys are weak, he is
easily afraid of cold. If you find that you are often afraid of cold, and your
limbs are often in a cold state, your waist often feels cold and painful, and
your knee joints also feel cold, you must pay attention to whether it is caused
by kidney deficiency.

2. Insomnia and
more dreams

you know signs of men in sex as self harm? The kidney is an
important organ of the human
which can nourish essence and store blood. When a man has kidney
deficiency, it will affect the normal function of the kidney, thereby affecting
the blood supply. If this continues, it will also affect the energy of the man.
Therefore, Often feel tired, sleep quality will also decline, insomnia and
dreaminess occur.

3. Waist pain

you know signs of men in sex as self harm? According to the
physiological anatomy of the kidney, it can be known that kidney problems can
also affect the waist. In the case of kidney deficiency, waist pain is prone to
occur. Because when the kidney is weak, the physical fitness will become weak.
If under this situation, engage in tired physical activity again, the
phenomenon of backache will be more serious.

4. Abnormal

you know signs of men in sex
as self harm
? Once kidney deficiency occurs, the body’s
immunity will decrease, which will affect the male genitourinary system, and
urination will also be abnormal. Most men will have frequent urination and
urgency, which are related to the invasion of bacteria. A certain relationship.

5. Edema

you know signs of men in sex as self harm? When kidney
deficiency occurs, it affects normal urination and abnormal urination. The
water in the body cannot complete the normal metabolism, which will easily
cause water to accumulate in the body, leading to mild edema in the body. For
some patients with severe kidney deficiency, severe edema may also result.
Edema mainly occurs on the face and limbs.

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