5 sex advice for men in the first dating

Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? After men enter puberty, their various sexual organs gradually mature, and they are full of curiosity about the opposite sex, and even solve their sexual needs by masturbating. However, virgins don’t know much about sex, and they may even go into misunderstandings and affect their health. What 5 sex knowledge should a virgin know?
1. Sexual dysfunction
Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? Common sexual dysfunctions include erectile dysfunction and priapism. The former is a common andrological disease. Erectile dysfunction is usually prone to occur in the first few sex after marriage. Don’t worry too much. It will get better as the number of sex increases. The latter refers to the persistent erection of the penis for more than 4 hours, which indicates that the mechanism of controlling the weakness of the penis is disordered. This is related to excessive sexual stimulation, abuse of irritant drugs or blood-soluble drugs. In this case, you need to go to the hospital immediately for treatment , So as not to cause penile necrosis.
2. Ejaculation disorder
Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? Ejaculation disorders include premature ejaculation and non-ejaculation. The former means that the ejaculation rate is too fast and the sex time is less than 3 minutes. Most men ejaculate faster during the first sex because they lack experience and the penis is too sensitive. In addition, premature ejaculation can easily occur when both men and women live apart for a long time, are physically exhausted or mentally stressed. The latter means that the penis can be erected naturally but cannot ejaculate during sex. More than 90% of them are functional non-ejaculation, which means that there is no organic disease in the body, which is caused by the mismatch between the stimulation intensity and the threshold during sex. There are also men’s excessive masturbation, which leads to insufficient intensity during real sex, and refraining from sexual life for fear of pregnancy, which can also cause functional non-ejaculation.
3. Penis fractures
Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? Penile fractures are medically referred to as rupture of the corpus cavernosum, which contains a large number of vascular sinuses and is surrounded by a tough white membrane. When the penis is erected, the corpus cavernosum can be congested and expanded, and the tunica albuginea that covers the corpus cavernosum is over-tensioned and thinned. As long as the penis is slightly impacted by a strong external force, it will cause the albuginea to rupture. Sexual action is too rough or violent is the main cause of penile fractures, in this case, you need to call an emergency number immediately to avoid permanent necrosis of the penis.
4. The foreskin lace is torn
Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? The foreskin lace is inside the foreskin, which is fragile and easy to break. Excessive force or violent impact during sex can cause the foreskin frenulum to tear or even lead to complete breakage. Because some men lack sexual experience, they are too impatient and violent during sex; or in women with vaginismus, when the penis is forcibly inserted, the foreskin is pulled by the foreskin frenulum due to resistance, which eventually leads to the foreskin frenulum tear. The typical symptoms of foreskin tears are bleeding and pain. Minor tears can be cured within a week as long as local disinfection is done; however, severe tears should be treated in a regular hospital.
5. Condom allergy
Do you know sex advice for men in the first dating? Although condoms can prevent contraception and prevent sexually transmitted diseases, most men are allergic to condoms. Because most condoms are made of latex, skin itching, redness, or rash may occur after use. When there is a severe allergic reaction, urticaria, itching and breathing difficulties can occur after a few minutes of contact with the condom, and even cause death. Therefore, men who are allergic to latex prefer non-latex condoms or other contraceptive methods.
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